Limited landscaping means more potential causes for accidents


Jack Zwirn

The WA area is a large area of effect for both the bushes and speeding problems.

Jack Zwirn, Reviews/Opinions Editor

Earlier this month, Mr. Antonelli sent out an email to students and parents asking them to drive slower in the WA area. The speed limit in the area is between 10-20 miles per hour on the roads, and five miles per hour on the WA campus. Mr. Antonelli reminded students to drive slower and with caution in the area. There hasn’t been an increase in car crashes or fatalities from crashes, but there has been an increase in seniors speeding on the road.

However, speeding is not the only problem when it comes to driving. I just received my driver’s license, and after driving around town, there has been a noticeable amount of outgrown bushes in Westford; especially for young and inexperienced drivers such as many high schoolers, it is difficult to see around the corners. At any of these intersections, in order to tell whether I am able to make the turn or not, I have to be in the middle of the road to determine if it is safe to turn. It’s the only spot that I can see into the road at some of these intersections. With the bushes being so overgrown, I can’t see any cars coming around the corner until it might be too late.

During my driving lessons, it was not just me who was unable to see around turns, but the driving instructor in the car as well. Cars zoom by because they have the right of way, leaving it up to you, the driver, to decide to turn or not.

The spot that I have the most trouble with, and feel that it needs to be the highest priority is at the intersection of Coldspring Road and Forge Village Road. There is absolutely no visibility on either side at that intersection, which is dangerous. Many WA students, including myself agree that that intersection needs to be fixed.

This needs to be fixed. There are many landscaping companies located in and near Westford. All of the companies in the Westford area are capable of taking care of this problem, and it needs to be fixed, quickly. The Westford Highway Department should be the ones to take care of this issue, as they are in charge of making sure the roads are safe in Westford.

When I stop at a stop sign or traffic light, I don’t expect to be able to see completely around the turn from where the stop line is. I always need to inch forward a bit, which is fine. The safety issue is when I am in the middle of the road, which can cause car accidents. I need to be able to see around the turn, and decide whether or not it is safe to turn onto the next road.

I understand that not all roads will have intersections at a 90 degree angle, but if I have to be at the middle of the road in order to tell whether or not it is safe to make my turn, a change is necessary.