Girls’ Volleyball is prepared for a comeback season


Jack Zwirn

From left to right, top to bottom. Alana Saunders (Team Manager), Courtney Dupre, Catherine Crane, Lilly DiRico, Jocelyn Vogel, Sophie Krauss, Keilana DaRosa, Sanah Chatiwala, Eesha Srivastava, Taylor Bourque, Aashi Gurtata, Sarra Lonning, Navya Balineni. (Not pictured: Jenny Alexander, and Mia Rose).

Jack Zwirn, Reviews/Opinions editor

After a disappointing 6-12 record last year, the WA Girls’ Volleyball Team is ready to bounce back. They are looking to set up a rebound season with a rejuvenated team led by Coach Brandon Eang and senior captains Courtney Dupre, Taylor Bourque, Catherine Crane, and Mia Rose. Now the team sets their eyes to their uphill battle this fall.

All of their games last year were close ones, with many slipping away from their grasp at the end.

“We had a hard time finishing with a win for some games, but overall we were pretty well matched against the other teams,” Bourque said.

The team knows that their main problem is not staying within striking distance at the end of their games, leading to their underwhelming six-win 2021 season. With that in mind, they have work to do to get back in the winning column.

In addition to winning, the captains each have their own goals for the team’s season.

“I’m hoping this season we can build on [last season] and start off strong, and I have hopes that we’ll be able to top last year and win more games,” Dupre said.

Using down years as a stepping stone towards being a force on the court is a common way to look at that type of situation. Professional teams for any sport have that same mindset after a disappointing year.

“We hope we can uphold the great team bond we have now, while also focusing on winning and staying focused on the game,” Bourque said.

While the team has these goals set and are working hard to meet them, there are roadblocks along the way, and each captain has a different challenge they want to focus on.

“Our biggest challenge will be getting out of our heads and passing [the ball] to each other,” Crane said.

While Crane is focused on selflessness, Bourque’s is set on a good mindset.

“Our biggest challenge this year is going to be staying positive after losing a set, and always playing to our fullest,” Bourque said. “If we do that I think we will have a great season.”

All sports teams have strengths and weaknesses, it is just a matter of how they are used to the team’s advantage.

Coach Brandon Eang has a goal for the team as well. He knows that the team can play well if they all try their best, and work together. The team wants to play competitively, and win as much as they can to make the playoffs later on.

The team is currently 1-2 on the season. Their two losses continue the trend of losing close games.

The team will play next on Tuesday, Sept. 13 vs Weston in the WA main gym.