Victoria Princi records music for Eurydice


Jack Zwirn

Princi poses with her violin

Jack Zwirn, Reviews/Opinions editor

Senior Victoria Princi has been writing music her entire life. She wrote songs on her piano at five years old to welcome her dad back from a business trip, and now, she is performing music for the upcoming WATA production of Eurydice originally by Sarah Ruhl. This production will be directed by senior Avery Piazza, and will be Princi’s senior capstone project.

Princi does covers for songs and writes her own music on a variety of different instruments. She plays the guitar, ukulele, violin, piano, mandolin, a bit of the drums, and she also sings.

“I like to incorporate all of these instruments whenever I can, and when they fit the feel of the song that I’m working on,” Princi said.

For this production, she will be playing the violin, and there will be some piano that she pre-recorded, as Eurydice is a tragedy. Violin is perfect for tragedies as it is great at making a sadder sound and giving off other emotions. with its soft, melodic, and sorrowful sound.

Besides performing for Eurydice, Princi is also in the process of writing and recording her first single, which has yet to be released. However, she believes that she has made better accomplishments already.

“I have writing credits on published music on Spotify and Apple Music. I have also performed Mozart’s Rondeau from his violin concerto in G-Major solo in the WA Orchestra,” Princi said. “I am so thankful I had the opportunity to play as a soloist in an orchestra.”

When writing her music, Princi doesn’t just write about her experiences, but she also lets the music guide her to where it needs to go throughout the song.

“When I play the piano [or any other instrument], it talks back to me and enhances the mood. I love how I can express myself through my playing and communicate that feeling to the listener,” Princi said.

Princi follows a process when writing and recording a song. She first finds the feel of the song that she is creating, and then chooses the instruments for the song, and then makes it sound good when played on the chosen instrument(s).

“The main instruments that I write with are my acoustic guitar and my piano. I use these instruments to create a melody for a song, and then I hum out a melody,” Princi said. “Then I determine the feeling of the music and think of ideas to write about and start working on the lyrics.”

Writing music isn’t easy, as there are always several roadblocks along the way. This can greatly hinder progress towards finishing the writing process of a song.

“Sometimes I get writer’s block mid-song. This is challenging because when I come back to continue writing the piece, I have to get back into the same mood and headspace that I was in, which takes time,” Princi said.

Princi’s music has helped her reach goals, make new friends, and find her passion.

“Some of my closest friends, even across the country, I have met through music, and I continue to build upon these friendships through music,” Princi said. “Music is one of my biggest passions, and I want to share my art, and the joy it brings me, with those around me.”

Princi is very excited and grateful for this opportunity to perform for Eurydice, and she will be performing again for WATA this spring, with their production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

“Victoria is committed. She gives a lot of herself to her music making. She is curious, energetic, enthusiastic, thoughtful, generous and caring,” Orchestra Director Ken Culver said. “She has developed a deeper understanding of the feelingful aspects of music this year.”

Princi will be performing at Eurydice live on May 26th-28th in the WA Blackbox (Room 109). 3:00 on each day, and 7:00 on the 27th, and 28th.