History club is on the roster at WA


Shreya Voruganti

From left to right, juniors TJ Bonica, Brendan Connell, and Keegan Connell smile for the camera.

Shreya Voruganti, Co-News Editor

For some students, history is their least favorite subject. Some might even question if there even is a point to learn something that has already happened. However, for other students, history is one of their favorite subjects so much so that they might even go the extra mile to create a new club at WA based entirely on history itself. This is the case for the founders of History Club, juniors Brendan Connell, Keegan Connell, and TJ Bonica.

With the help of club advisor Anthony Brown, the club was officially founded at the start of this school year by the co-presidents Brendan Connell, Keegan Connell, and Bonica.

“A lot of people enjoy the history topic, and a lot of kids probably want more time to talk about it. Some kids probably want a sense of community, and we think that History Club can offer that,” Keegan Connell said.

History Club is unique in its nature, as it covers a wide range of material, rather than only covering the specific politics aspect or other aspects. Details from all sides of an event are discussed rather than viewing the event from only one angle. The foundation of the club is discussion-based learning where everyone has a voice.

Before every meeting, students are encouraged to come up with topics to discuss at the next meeting. Current world events are also discussed frequently during this club, in addition to playing history-related games and activities all planned by the people involved in the club.

History Club stemmed from the co-presidents’ deep love of history, and the hunger to learn more than what is offered in the history classes at WA.

“My love [for history] started probably around freshman year when I really found that I enjoyed it,” Brendan Connell said. “I was looking into it after watching documentaries, movies, and stuff related to history just because. I really thought that it was an engaging class that opened up discussion, […] see everyone’s views, and kind of really get to find a middle ground.”

Even though this club was founded last year, the co-presidents have had struggles recruiting members due to the ongoing pandemic. There was a point of time last year where the club was fully virtual, and this year it started being in-person again in a classroom.

“Initially, a lot of people were still kind of scared to get into extracurriculars and meetings because of the confined classroom […]. When we could start to go outside and COVID restrictions lessened, I think more people were able to get into a group setting where they felt comfortable. I think [the pandemic] affected us negatively in the beginning, but now that restrictions are lessening, it’s starting to normalize,” Brendan Connell said.

Since extracurriculars are returning back to normal after the beginning of the pandemic, the co-presidents have some goals in mind for the future of the club, even beyond their administration.

“I want more people to feel interested in History Club and history in general. It’s just something that not a lot of people are really interested in now and it’s very fascinating to consider that all the stuff that we are talking about actually happened. I think it is just cool to talk about it and see […] if something similar happened today,” Bonica said.

Another goal that the co-presidents have for the future is to get out of the classroom and go on a field trip. New England is one of the most historic places in the country, so they wanted to plan a field trip with club members to a historical site.

“There was also an opportunity that Mr. Brown presented to us about some sort of competitions,” Bonica said. “We want to get ourselves enrolled in those kinds of things so that this becomes more than just a selective group of people at Westford Academy. We want to expand it and we want to get our people to places where we could all enjoy.”

The presidents stressed the fact that this club is not a heavy commitment to add to a student’s plate, since the club meets every other week on Tuesday.

“[The club is really laid back].We are kind of an open environment. Anyone who has any interest in joining, please come visit the club just to see what it’s about,” Brendan Connell said.

Anyone who is interested in joining the History Club should contact the current co-presidents TJ Bonica ([email protected]), Brendan Connell ([email protected]), Keegan Connell ([email protected]) and/or advisor Anthony Brown ([email protected]).