Ultimate Frisbee starts back up


Provided by Neev Maru

Two ultimate players reach for the frisbee.

Katie Hall, Staff Writer

As the warm weather rolls around, many people look for activities to do outside. Some choose mini golf, others choose amusement parks, but the amount of times one can do these activities is limited as a result of their price tag. However, a Frisbee is inexpensive and will last years.

The ultimate Frisbee team was formed in 2018 by a group of juniors. But, it was put on hold in 2020 when the pandemic hit. Last year, now senior captain, Neev Maru, talked to those graduated juniors and restarted the team.

Maru first got into ultimate Frisbee at a summer camp he went to. He was on a team with his fellow campers against the staff of the camp. He pursued his love for ultimate at WA in his sophomore year when he joined the team.

“I made a lot of great friends and I really enjoy the type of person [I am when I play ultimate Frisbee]. It’s who I am,” Maru said. “When I heard that there was a Ultimate Frisbee team at WA, I joined as soon as I could.”

Maru realizes the ultimate Frisbee team may not be viewed as a real team or even a real sport, but he hopes to change that.

“I hope they [the students] realize the fun of it, but at the same time that we’re serious about the sport,” Maru said.

The team’s season started earlier in March. There are two practices a week that act as a tryout for who will go to matches. There are usually three handlers, three cutters, and six mid players.

Handlers are able to throw the Frisbee like a quarterback, and cutters have to catch the Frisbee like a receiver. Mid players have to do a mix of both these things. They have to throw and catch, and they also have to be fast.

“The captains will discuss the rules beforehand,” Maru  said. “Then, there’s a halftime when one team reaches seven. You score by catching the Frisbee, like a touchdown, which is called a goal.”

The team hopes to win the two tournaments they have entered in and their championships. Out of the three divisions in the Ultimate Frisbee Association, the WA team is ranked in division two.

The team’s first game is on April 8 at 4 PM at WA on the back field.