Davey and Eddy both take home DCL MVP


Created by James Farley

Eddy finishes a layup (left) and Davey drives to the hoop (right).

James Farley, Co-Sports Editor

After hours in the gym, long nights of practices, and hard-fought games throughout their high school basketball careers, seniors Carly Davey and Griffin Eddy helped lead WA Girls and Boys Basketball, respectively, to become Dual County League (DCL) champions.

Davey and Eddy were both a part of the WA Basketball Program for all four years of high school, and after much dedication, they are able to walk away with the coveted DCL Title. The winning didn’t stop there for these two athletes, as both Davey and Eddy also won the DCL MVP award for the 2021-2022 basketball season.

As a true point guard, Davey helped her team in all parts of the game throughout the season, contributing great scoring, defense, and leadership efforts night-in and night-out. Being willing to have the ball in her hands in close game situations and guard the opposing team’s best player were factors in Davey winning the DCL MVP award.

“I bring the most basketball experience to the team, so I think my leadership and ability to keep everyone focused have really helped us this season,” Davey said. “On the court, I’m someone who really likes to drive to the basket, so I’ve been able to finish myself but also kick out to my teammates for open shots around the perimeter.”

Davey had several impressive performances throughout the season, one of which was a victory over Boston Latin in December, where she contributed 33 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. Another great game from Davey came against Mansfield on Feb. 21, where she scored 24 points and dished out 6 assists, one of which was to senior Abby Chambers for a game-winning 3-pointer.

Despite being a major factor in WA Girls Basketball finishing the season with a record of 13-6 and winning the DCL Championship, Davey credits the coaching staff both for the team’s, and her own, success.

​​”The coaches of this program are the best, […] helping us get to the point we’re at as a team,” Davey said. “They are really tough on me, which challenges me to be at my best every day, and without them, I would not have won this award.”

After having the 2020-2021 season canceled due to the pandemic, Davey and WA Girls Basketball’s success throughout the year made this season even more special. As a senior, Davey will leave WA as a DCL champion and MVP, certainly writing her name in the WA Girls Basketball record book.

“I think this award is just a culmination of a lot of hard work paying off. I really just enjoy basketball and getting better every day, so I’m in the gym all the time,” Davey said. “My teammates and coaches this season have set me up in the right spots and have pushed me to get better at each practice, so a lot of the credit goes to them as well.”

The success of Davey was very similar for Eddy, the star center of the WA Boys Basketball team. After a season full of dominating opposing players on the post and skying for rebounds, Eddy took home the DCL MVP as well. Despite his success, Eddy stayed humble and focused throughout the season.

“It’s [The DCL MVP award] a huge honor. As long as I could remember, I have always wanted to play for the boys varsity team and I feel so humbled to have won this award,” Eddy said.

While Eddy was a focal point to WA’s 18-4 season, the team chemistry for the boys team helped them to win games all year long. With six seniors playing this year, WA had many veteran leaders who stepped up alongside Eddy, helping to get him the ball and score.

“Our chemistry has definitely made us the team we are today. This has been one of my favorite teams to be a part of,” Eddy said.  “They always know when to make an entry pass into the post or to cut to the basket when I have the ball for an open layup. I would not have been the MVP without them.”

From the start of the season, winning the DCL Championship was on Eddy’s mind, and with his MVP-season, he was able to take over for WA against their DCL opponents all season long. Some of Eddy’s best performances came against Acton-Boxborough where he scored 32 points, and against Wayland where he added 29 points.

“I felt that I was able to impact those games on both the offensive and defensive end and help bring our team to victory,” Eddy said. “I just went out and tried my hardest every game and focused on winning.”

Eddy has played with the other seniors on the team since he was in elementary school, and finishing his high school basketball career on a high note with his teammates is the ideal situation. At the end of the day, Eddy’s family and team have been the driving force in his outstanding senior campaign for WA Boys Basketball.

“First off, [I would like to] my family for always pushing me and developing me into the basketball player that I am today. Certainly wouldn’t have this award without [them],” Eddy said. “But the most credit for this award goes to the coaches and the players. They have made me thrive this year and I would not have won this award if it weren’t for these coaches and these players.”