Isabel Doherty continues her passion at Catholic University


Isabel Doherty

Senior Isabel Doherty chases after a soccer ball during a game.

Melanie Duronio, Co-Managing Editor

Ever since six-year-old Isabel Doherty saw a player in a bright red jersey running to score a goal for the first time, she knew that she wanted to play on a soccer team. Now, after four years spent with the WA Girls’ Soccer Team, Doherty has gained a family of like-minded individuals, and she looks to find that same connection at college.

The senior has committed to Catholic University of America to continue playing soccer. She will be playing D3 to keep a balance between the sport and her academics. 

Doherty began her college search about a year ago, speaking with coaches from various D2 and D3 schools. She knew that she wanted to stay within New England, only willing to go as far south as the DC area, where her brother is. He was the one who told Doherty about CU, and the more research she did, the more the school appealed to her. 

When Doherty finally visited CU in August, it was ultimately the girls on the team that made her want to commit.

“I felt a really great connection with these girls […]. I was just excited to be around them. I think it’s really good to go into college with a team because you are automatically with twenty new friends,” Doherty said. “I think a great way to be introduced to a new school is through mentors.”

Soccer has played a role in Doherty’s life since she was in elementary school, starting as an after-school activity before turning into a lifelong passion. Having been a part of soccer teams and clubs such as FC Stars for years, Doherty has since become an accomplished player.

Her love for the sport has only grown through the years, to the point where she could not bear to part with it so soon after high school.

“When I thought about not going to college for soccer I thought, ‘Wait, I feel like I’m missing out on something,’” Doherty said.

Being a co-captain on the WA Girls Varsity Soccer team further contributed to Doherty’s decision to continue with soccer. She looks back fondly on the time spent with her team, laughing together at practices and forming connections that remain strong off the field. 

“I feel very honored to be leading a team that I have been a part of for so long,” Doherty said. “I love guiding the team through warm-ups, getting everyone hyped [for a game], and supporting everyone.” 

One game against Lincoln-Sudbury particularly sticks out in Doherty’s mind, where she scored a perfect goal with the assistance of her fellow co-captain, Carley Davey. It was one moment of many when she came together with her team for a greater goal.

“The whole game everyone was into it, we were so hyped […]. The vibe all around was so good and we were playing well at the same time. You could feel the connection between everyone,” Doherty said.

Overall, Doherty loves the community she has been a part of for her past few years at high school and will remember the experiences she shared with her team as she enters CU. 

For other student-athletes who are thinking about continuing their sport after high school or are currently in the college process, Doherty advises them to keep an open mind and take chances.

“I worried so much about what the best place [was for me] and how I was going to get there. I ended up choosing Catholic for many different factors, but honestly it also just played out in front of me,” Doherty said. “If you work hard, communicate, and connect with others then I think you will find the right fit.”