Schelin begins building bonds with the WA community

The 2021-2022 school year marks Jennifer Schelins first year here at WA as a Student Services Teacher.

Provided by Jennifer Schelin

The 2021-2022 school year marks Jennifer Schelin’s first year here at WA as a Student Services Teacher.

James Farley, Co-Sports Editor

Working in the classroom, some students may struggle at times with the assignment at hand, whether that be a writing assignment in English class or a difficult math problem during Algebra.  Guidance from staff is vital for students to navigate these assignments.  This year, Westford Academy welcomes Jennifer Schelin for her first year at the high school as a new Student Services Teacher, and a help for students in these classroom situations is exactly what her new position entails.

Schelin originally worked at both the elementary and middle school levels, starting at the Norman E. Day School here in Westford as a substitute teacher for one year.  Then, she transferred to Stony Brook Middle School for a four-year time frame.  Now, after teaching last year at Innovation Academy in Tyngsborough, Schelin has landed at Westford Academy and is enjoying every second of it.

“I love working with the older kids [here at the high school],” Schelin said.

As a Student Services Teacher, Schelin will be working in classrooms around the building to assist both teachers and students alike.

“I go into classrooms and help the teacher out with anything that they need done, but I also check in with all the students to make sure they are staying on track,” Schelin said.

When Schelin started her teaching career six years ago at the elementary-school level, she immediately fell in love with working in a classroom environment.  However, she always knew that working at a high school was her preferred destination.

“I enjoy working with the older kids and being able to have genuine conversations [in the classroom],” Schelin said.  “They are also more understanding and accepting of help and suggestions [compared to the younger students].”

Schelin has been spending the majority of her time working in sophomore English classrooms so far this year, getting to know Ms. Kucaj, Ms. Kumar, and Ms. McCarthy.

“They, [Ms. Kucaj, Ms. Kumar, and Ms. McCarthy], have been awesome,” Schelin said.

While helping kids with their school work in these classrooms is a top priority for Schelin, the new Student Services Teacher is also looking to connect with students on an emotional level.

“I’ve been going around [the classrooms] and talking with every single student, trying to get to know everybody,” Schelin said.  “My main goal is to make everyone feel welcome and safe.” 

At the end of the day, Schelin is excited to be starting the next chapter of her teaching career here at WA, and is looking forward to helping students in any way possible throughout the school year. 

“Sometimes students just need a little bit of help,” Schelin said.  “And that’s exactly what I’m here for.”