Tech worker Samuel Feldman arrives at WA


Sara Zukowsky

Drawn to technology from a young age, Feldman joins WA as the new MIS technology worker.

Sara Zukowsky, Staff Writer

Walking down the hallway, a telltale bright-orange case signifying a forgotten Chromebook stands out.  Signifying a missing control key. Signifying an uncharged computer lying on a bedroom floor. Signifying a soda spill. Signifying an angry throw at a wall or down the stairs. Whatever mistake was made, the orange case signifies a solution.

That solution was provided by one of WA’s newest staff members who is just the person for the job. Whether the top is separated from the bottom or it just won’t turn on, Samuel Feldman is the man to help fix any technical issues that may arise.

Feldman is at WA as the new Management Information Systems (MIS) Technology Worker, for his first job in a school.

He, along with our other new MIS tech worker Brian Day, help maintain the Chromebooks and MacBooks for students and teachers respectively.

Feldman and Day often switch their roles so that one of them is working around the school helping students and teachers with their technology, while the other maintains the Chromebook desk. 

Feldman’s life has been shaped by his love for technology.

“[Technology] is a hobby. It encompasses everything I know how to do. It’s just the best job for me,” Feldman said. 

Feldman has enjoyed technology his whole life.

“I grew up around video games and technology, so it’s always been around for me,” Feldman said.

Feldman grew up with various technologies in New Hampshire and now resides in Derry. He attended New Hampshire Technical Institution and obtained a Liberal Arts degree.

After graduating college, Feldman went right into a full-time retail job at Best Buy. He then spent eight years working there before he came here to WA for his first job in a school building.

“I went from retail to a better balance of life and work,” Feldman said.

He is now taking his technological knowledge and enjoyment to help the population of Westford Academy with technical issues.

Feldman chose to come here because it was a better job, but he is choosing to stay because of the great atmosphere here. He is very happy that he came to Westford Academy to help students and teachers appreciate the progress and advancements of technology. 

“[Technology] is always evolving. There is always new stuff coming out that is better than it was a minute ago,” Feldman said.