Q&A’s with Superintendent Finalists


Images provided by Superintendent Finalists. Design by Unnati Bhat

Dr. Margaret Adams (top left), Dr. Christopher Chew (top right), Dr. Matthew Janger (bottom left), Dr. Michele Shannon (bottom right).

The Ghostwriter

The race for Superintendent is on! Recently, the four final candidates for Superintendent of Westford were announced at the 3/1 School Committee meeting: Dr. Margaret Adams, Dr. Christopher Chew, Dr. Matthew Janger, and Dr. Michele Shannon. This past week, the Ghostwriter was fortunate enough to individually interview all four candidates in the run for position discussing topics such as Westford’s current budget crisis and COVID-19. Check out the links below to visit each candidates’ interview highlights with the Ghostwriter and their public resumes.

Click here to check out each of the Superintendent Finalists’ Resumes

I. Dr. Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning in Melrose Public Schools

II. Dr. Christopher Chew, Principal of Stony Brook Middle School

III. Dr. Matthew Janger, Principal of Arlington High School

IV. Dr. Michele Shannon, Executive Vice President of Client Services for the New York Leadership Academy

For more information on the Superintendent Finalists, please visit the WPS website to check out virtual opportunities for the public to meet with each candidate.