Humans of WA: Sreya Binu shares experiences as an aspiring artist

Srinithi Raj, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Whether it be band, orchestra or chorus, it’s no surprise that WA students excel in the musical arts. One such student at our school is freshman Sreya Binu. Binu has been singing since she was two years old, and she is currently an independent singer and songwriter. The Ghostwriter had the pleasure of speaking with aspiring artist Binu, in which she talks about the process, and highs and lows of being a singer with her caliber. 

0:00 Introduction

0:30 Background

1:01 How did you get started with music?

1:38 What’s your artistic style?

2:02 Singing “Chandelier” by Sia

3:50 Did you always know music was how you wanted to express yourself?

4:22 Do you do competitive music? What has the journey been like so far, as a young musician?

5:15 What are your strengths and weaknesses as a musician?

5:54 Has it been difficult living up to the expectation of a prolific musician?

6:32 Who inspires you to play music and sing?

7:10 What are your musical plans for the future?

7:40 What advice would you give to budding musicians?