Humans of WA: Aileen Langenfeld talks ukulele, ‘Ephemeral’, and mental health

Anushka Patil, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Whether it be through chorus, theatre, or orchestra, Westford Academy excels in its musical departments. This excellence comes from ambitious students who are passionate about their craft and yearn to express themselves musically. However, many students, with other commitments in mind, do not have the ability to try out different electives at WA. Thus, through extracurriculars and hobbies that they participate in during their free time, students have the opportunity to develop their skills as musicians.

With COVID-19, students were given time to explore their interests further. For sophomore Aileen Langenfeld, quarantine helped her grow her love for ukulele playing, singing, and songwriting, hobbies that helped her deal with the mental health struggles that the early stages of the pandemic inflicted.

0:48 Introduction

0:56 How was your life affected by COVID-19?

1:39 How has COVID-19 allowed you to explore your musical interests?

2:11 How did music help you deal with the new way of life?

2:41 Why did you choose the ukulele?

3:13 What inspired you to take up the ukulele?

3:52 How did quarantine help you develop your writing skills?

4:48 Do you extracurriculars help you channel your musical interests?

5:40 What is your style of music?

6:20 How did music help you bond with your parents?

7:11 How has music helped you with your mental health?

7:56 What advice do you have for people with mental health issues as well as people looking for a new hobby?

9:12 ‘Ephemeral’ song/meaning

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