The importance of bullet journaling on students


Prajana Sriram, Staff Writer

At the beginning of a new year, people set resolutions regarding their time management and organization while others set lifestyle goals. Other people are trying to prioritize self care this year during the pandemic. Bullet journaling is the perfect solution for meeting all of your goals for this this year.

Bullet journaling is a method of personal organization. This means that a bullet journal can be a planner, place for de-stressing, or anything else that is needed. It is meant to be completely custom and variant from person to person. Bullet journals don’t have lined pages like a diary, but instead are dotted or even blank. In these journals people draw ‘spreads’. “Spreads” is another word for a layout of the setup that they are using. A few examples of spreads are calendars, spending trackers, habit trackers, mood trackers, and etc.

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Example of a bullet journal ‘habit tracker’ spread

One of the reasons I think bullet journaling is important is because it forces a person to make time for themself. With school, extracurriculars, and sports, we don’t have very much time for ourselves to unwind. With bullet journaling, time can be put away for dedicated journaling. Bullet-journaling is great for your mental health, because it gives you time to prioritize self care. Some people are hesitant to start bullet journaling because they think they’re not artistic, but bullet journals don’t have to be ‘artsy’. It all depends on the person.

Additionally, a bullet journal is a great way to help stay organized. As I mentioned previously, in a bullet journal there are different ‘spreads’. Some of these spreads can actually help you organize. Many people do weekly spreads or calendars in their bullet. This allows a place to write down any appointments or events that are upcoming in the month. Now, this may sound sound like an agenda or planner. In a sense that is correct , but a bullet journal is completely customizable. If more space is needed in a week that can be added. On the contrary, if a week is not needed then it does not need to be drawn. And probably the most important of all, the options for formatting, colors, and designs are infinite.

Lastly, bullet journaling is a great way to inspire you to be productive. In a bullet journal, people sometimes add lists. To-do lists, things to buy, bucket lists, or packing checklists are just a few common lists found in bullet journals.

During a busy week there is  a bunch of school work and other commitments for extracurriculars. Some people find themselves writing a to do list to keep on top of everything. Instead of writing this on a Post-It note or a piece of paper, write it in a bullet journal.

Bullet journals provides multiple benefits. For one, there is no way that the to-do list will get lost since it is located in a book. Secondly, every time the bullet journal is opened there will be a visual reminder of tasks to complete. Though this may be annoying (believe me I know, it will help get work done). Lastly, once everything is completed and cross ed off , this is a way of fueling motivation. If  everything is crossed of a long to do list this is way to motivate someone to complete tasks on your next to do list because mentally the person knows that they can complete the tasks.

All in all, bullet journaling is important because it forces you to take care of yourself by making time for yourself, it helps you organize, and it inspires productivity.