Sinners are exposed in The Devil All the Time

Tom Holland stars  in the Netflix film The Devil All The Time

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Tom Holland stars in the Netflix film The Devil All The Time

Molly Smith, Staff Writer

The ‘Devil All the Time’ is now streaming on Netflix, debuting as number 1 on Netflix top 10 in the US today list. Based on a 2011 novel written by Donald Ray Pollock this movie is spooky but very exciting throughout the entirety of the movie. This movie gives off an eerie vibe with awful characters festering secrets and dead bodies. This movie is filled with so many twists, betrayals, and horrible acts of violence that make you wonder just how this society got to where they are. This movie is great to watch for someone who wants to sit on the edge of there seat for just upward of two hours.

When I saw this movie was coming out, I was originally intrigued to watch it based on the cast, which includes Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård, and Riley Keough. Then, when I dug deeper, I was even more interested because I had never really seen a film based so heavily on family traumas passed from generation to generation and from someone’s experience in a war. This made me very excited to engulf in this fictional world.

Starting off, the movie taking place in the 1950s. The script, written by director Antonio Campos and his brother, Paulo Campos, first introduces us to a man named Willard Russell, played by Skarsgård. He lives in a small town in Ohio called Knockemstiff. Willard was a soldier in World War II, and he faced many traumas fighting for his country because of his time spent in war he has grown to have very strong religious beliefs. His beliefs are mostly disturbing. Willard believes that he can influence God’s will if he prays hard enough with the occasional blood sacrifice, like shooting the family dog.

This movie also presents the theme of how trauma is so often passed down from generation to generation, making it hard to escape. Willard is a perfect example of this idea because he passes down his violence and twisted religious beliefs to his 9-year-old son Arvin. After Willard dies, Arvin is sent to West Virginia to live with his grandmother and adopted step sister Lenora,

Years later, Arvin and Lenora are teenagers; Lenora is a sweet young woman who is continuously harassed by the guys at her school. Arvin does not like this situation and tries to fight them, so he goes and gets beaten brutally himself.

Arvin has a good heart, but he takes after his father’s temper and will not let evil deeds go without brutal punishment. Nearly all the men in this film are in a position of authority, especially religious authority. They use this power to manipulate and, ultimately, do more harm than good to their society.

Every character in this movie is either a predator or the prey with little exception. This concept made for a lot of entertainment, yet, most parts of the plot where easily predictable. Most characters in this movie thought very pessimistically, so I don’t recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh or smile.

The one thing I praise about this movie is the quality of the picture as well as the acting. Every actor in the movie seems very engaged and ready to dive in and do the best they can with their part.

This movie is good for the most part, but it gets a little difficult to watch when there are so many deaths and creepy scenes. I struggled to watch the whole movie and definitely don’t recommend this movie for a family film, younger children, or the weak at heart.