Clay ventures for McGill University

Ivy Howard, Staff Writer

After searching for colleges in the U.S. and Canada, Anna Clay finally discovered McGill University in Montreal. She plans on attending the university for the next four years in order to pursue her psychology major. 

Photo given by Anna Clay
Photo of senior Anna Clay

Clay aimed to find a university in Canada where she could major in psychology. She has always wanted to live in Montreal, knowing that it’s a beautiful city. Additionally, she also claims that her search was mostly location-based. Clay was able to find the school using a Naviance search for psychology majors, and when she found McGill University, she soon applied.

“[Montreal] is also a great location to improve my French. McGill is different from other schools for me because it was highly ranked, and opposed to my other options, I loved the location and the people I met on tours,” said Clay.

Despite the gorgeous city of Montreal and the great opportunity to join the university, Clay also faces the struggles of getting used to the language barrier, seeing as to how French is used throughout Montreal. She also describes how living in this specific location of Canada will affect her stay within Montreal while attending to the university.

The struggles I think I will face are the cultural shock of living in a different country in a province that speaks French as their official language. Not only that, but keeping up my academics,” said Clay.

Besides some of the conflicts while attending the university, Clay looks forward to going to McGill. 

“While I am at the university, I want to keep my grades up, get a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and head to a good graduate school,” said Clay.