Seniors take on the prom cancellation


Keertana Gangireddy

(2019) Seniors Victoria Morrison, Marisol Evans-Garcia, Jess Cornetta, and Namitha Nair

Julianna St. Paul, Staff Writer

The Class of 2020 has been through a long four years of high school, only for the end to be cut short by COVID19. As a result, the senior prom, and cotillion for juniors, have been canceled.

The canceling of prom is both hard on the students and their wallets. Prom dresses can get expensive, and students cannot always get a refund. This means seniors are wasting their money if prom doesn’t get rescheduled. Many seniors have already purchased their dresses and were looking forward to prom.

Senior Ali Walter had an idea in which the school would host a prom in the fall.

“Maybe Thanksgiving, when all the seniors come back, would be a good time to have it,” Walter said.

This idea would allow the students to get together when they come back from college and are with their families for the holidays. However, there are some seniors who don’t like this idea.

“No, I don’t want to come back from college just to see people I would never see again,” senior Max Bombardieri said.

This thought is similar to other seniors’ responses, in that they also believed there is no point in coming back for a school dance.

Also, most seniors seem to dislike the idea of a virtual prom. If there were to be a virtual prom, the class would dress up and go onto a video chat to see each other all dressed up.

“I would prefer an in-person prom as this could get awkward,” senior Katie Whitmore said.

However, this is a real possibility, as they won’t be in person and won’t be able to dance or socialize as they normally would.

For most seniors though, the loss of prom was not the most upsetting thing that they lost due to Coronavirus.

“I only have four months until college. I won’t see my friends. I’m supposed to be making the most of this time. Making memories and spending every second with friends. It’s hard just wasting time,” senior Samantha Gruber said.

For Whitmore, it was hard to lose all of the senior tradition.

“Disney was harder to lose, but I am still very sad about missing prom because it is a traditional senior event everyone looks forward to being able to take part in,” Whitmore said.

Bombardieri was also more upset about not being able to go to Disney.

“Disney for sure is harder, I was so hyped about going to Disney and now I have no idea what I’m gonna do now that Disney is canceled,” Bombardieri said.

Missing out on Disney and Graduation was more of a loss for these seniors than losing prom.

Many of the seniors feel unhappy by the loss of prom, some even angry. Senior Jack Lamy had a different outlook on it,

“It sucks, but we’ll still party,” Lamy stated.

This is not how others feel about its cancellation. However, many of the seniors understand the reasoning behind prom’s cancellation, knowing that the world is facing much bigger problems than just prom being canceled. Nevertheless, seniors are still disappointed by the end of their year.

“I am sad because I was looking forward to it,” Lamy said.