Five trails you need to hike during quarantine


Ivy Howard

A picture viewing the aluminum bells on the trail.

Ivy Howard, Staff Writer

Due to the difficult events of COVID-19, people have been trying to figure out what to do to occupy themselves since they cannot go out to large public places and events. However, this outbreak opens opportunities for people to perform outdoor activities and get in shape. One of the best activities to do is visit hiking trails. 

1. Kennedy Pond Loop Trail 

This Westford trail is roughly 1.6 miles, with wildlife of all sorts lining the path. This trail loops around Kennedy Pond, with a few openings to take pictures of and observe. The path is primarily used for horseback riding and dog walking. If you decide to visit after rain, prepare for mud since it can get quite slippery.

2. Stone Arch Bridge Trail 

This once-standing railroad track had become a simple loop trail for many residents of Westford. The Stone Arch Bridge Trail is roughly 2 miles, located by the Russell Bird Sanctuary. The trail is quite popular among residents of Westford because of its historic feature, which is its stone bridge that crosses over Stony Brook. It’s open to the public, and welcomes residents who want to hike, walk, bike, or even birdwatch. It is great for newbies and I would highly suggest it for anyone interested in starting or wanting to hike.

3. Forest Bells

This Groton trail welcomes an interactive component to your walk. Although bumpy here and there, the trail offers bells made of aluminum and hung from the branches of different trees. There are multiple that can be rung and played with. However, if you aren’t just wanting to see the bells and looking for a longer hike, you can continue past the bells and there will be several looped paths attached to the main one. It’s a great place for anyone looking for a lot to explore and hike.

Ivy Howard

4. Prouty Woods 

This path can be found in Littleton, which loops about 1.6 miles. Along this trail, you’ll proceed to walk and approach an opening to Long Lake, with a bench to sit and observe the water. Not only this, but if you continue down the path beside the lake, you’ll be led toward Wilderness Hill, which offers a great view for pictures and a relaxing scenery. This is an easy trail for anybody of any age.

Ivy Howard

5. Bear Hill Trail 

In Groton, you’ll find this out and back trail perfect if you’re looking for an adventurous route. About 2.5 miles, the trail is great to find a variety of wildlife and creatures. This location is popular for its sights on Bear Hill, opening to a large quarry. I would highly suggest visiting when the ground is dry and you are looking for a bumpy exploration. However, take caution if you decide to visit after rain or snow since the trails can be muddy.

Ivy Howard