Ghostwriter Weekly Recap: IV


John Vassiliou

Ghostwriter Weekly Recap

John Vassiliou, Online Managing Editor

Breaking down the recall election of six School Committee members

Features Editor Srinithi Raj dove into a petition started by local resident Sue Higgins asking for a recall election for the School Committee.

The legality of executive decisions under review

Photography Editor Keertana Gangireddy investigated the situation regarding whether or not closed-door sessions of the School Committee followed proper procedure.

School Committee faces backlash following decision following vote not to renew superintendent’s contract

Editor-in-Chief Mahi Kandage covered a meeting in which a vote on whether or not Superintendent Bill Olsens contract would be renewed was held.

Town Clerk awaits Eckroth’s letter of resignation

Staff Writer Melanie Duronio followed the aftermath of school committee member Megan Eckroth’s public resignation at a recent meeting.

Westford residents voice their reasons for keeping Olsen

Staff Writer Melanie Duronio gathered citizens’ opinions on maintaining Olsen as the Superintendent for the 2020-2021 school year.