Town Clerk awaits Eckroth’s letter of resignation


Mehul Shrivastava

The Westford Town Hall

Melanie Duronio, Staff Writer

During the Westford School Committee meeting on Monday, February 10, emotions ran high as town residents challenged the Committee’s decision to not renew Superintendent Bill Olsen’s contract.  One such Committee member was Megan Eckroth, who in the midst of the attendees’ anger and confusion abruptly stood up, announced her resignation, and exited the room.

In the case that a Committee member wishes to leave the School Board, like Eckroth, they must first give a written declaration to the Westford Town Clerk, Patty Dubey.  It must contain the exact date the resignation took place and state that it is the departing Committee member’s personal decision.  If a formal statement is not provided by the resigning Committee member, the remaining members must give notice within one month of the Committee member’s departure.

However, despite Eckroth’s declaration on Monday night, Dubey has not yet received any written notice from her or the remaining board members regarding her desired resignation.

“[Since] Monday, I have not heard from Ms. Eckroth, so she is still a member of the School Committee at this moment,” Dubey said.

Once the letter of resignation is submitted, Dubey enters it into Westford’s official town records before notifying the Board of Selectmen. 

“[…] only then would you be considered officially resigned,” Dubey said.

Once the Selectmen have been alerted, they must choose to either appoint a temporary Board member or wait until the next town election to fill the vacant seat. If the Selectmen choose to appoint a new member, the public is notified of the open position and search for potential candidates.  Those interested in the role are evaluated by the Selectmen to determine who would be the most qualified for the position.