“IT Chapter Two” finishes the book

Amelia Neal, Staff Writer

Hold on to your popcorn and soda because IT Chapter 2 will have you jumping out of your seat within the first ten minutes. IT Chapter 2 is the second movie following, IT. Both movies share the same antagonist, Pennywise the clown. However, in IT Chapter 2,  the plot is focused on officially ending Pennywise

Like the first movie, Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) makes an appearance ten minutes into the movie. One thing that’s different about IT Chapter 2 is that it’s set 27 years after its predecessor.

Director Andy Muschietti did not disappoint with the film. IT Chapter Two is set 27 years after the first movie, IT. Now, the main characters are grown up and the second movie is the characters finishing what they started when they were kids.

One thing that I really liked about the film is that the younger versions of the main characters were in the movie. Though they weren’t the main focus of the movie, I enjoyed seeing them make an appearance in the film. Seeing the younger versions of the characters showed the audience that just because everyone is grown up, it doesn’t mean their past is forgotten.  

During the almost three hour movie, I sat there either jumping out of my seat or putting my hands over my eyes. Needless to say, the movie is scary. So scary, in fact, that I couldn’t fall asleep at night. I’m a pretty jumpy person when it comes to scary movies, and I find almost every horror movie terrifying.

One thing that the movie put more focus on was the origin of Pennywise the clown. I found that very interesting to watch but at times it confused me just a little bit. However, my curiosity was stopped by a scary scene.

IT Chapter Two answers a lot of unanswered questions from the first film. Overall I was very impressed by the film and really enjoyed it. Each actor seemed fit for their role and really was in character. IT Chapter Two is a movie one should not miss. If I were to give a rating to this movie, I would rate it an 8/10. The cast seemed very dedicated to their roles and there was a sense of connection from the characters to the audience in the theater.