Piper joins the biology department at WA


Ivy Howard

Image of new Biology teacher Sara Piper

Ivy Howard, Staff Writer

Sara Piper, a new biology teacher in the Westford Academy science department, talks about her plans and what she looks forward to in the school year.

Q: Have you worked at WA previously?

A: No, this is my ninth year teaching but my first at Westford Academy. I did work in Townsend at a smaller school.

Q: What grades have you taught as a Biology teacher?

A: So I have always taught from ninth to twelfth grade. Although the first high school I taught was very small I’ve taught [briefly] some middle school, then one middle school class a week for four years in my teaching career, and then every other year, it’s been nine to twelve.

Q: Has this subject been something you’ve always wanted to do?

A: Science has been something I’ve wanted to do. After graduating from college, it’s been something more open and interesting than something small from the back of my brain.

Q: What do you think of Biology?

A: I believe it is important since we [people] are all living forms. We work efficiently and interact which is something we all should understand based on how we function.

Q: What are your favorite things in Biology?

A: I’ve always favored DNA, genetics, ecology, and evolution.

Q: Has there ever been any other subjects you’ve wanted to teach?

A: My background is mostly made up of science and biology and environmental science. But also, kind of out of the blue, I have a minor in Spanish. I always had some great Spanish teachers growing up. It was always kind of the back of my mind that maybe I would look into teaching Spanish. However, science has become more of my passion compared to Spanish. 

Q: What is something you learned from your prior classes that you want to improve for this year?

A: I’ve just always wanted to keep kids interested. I have learned that there’s always ways to improve, because you try to switch things up in class, day in and day out. Sometimes it gets too repetitive and, you know, kids lose interest. So, I’m always trying to look for new ways to spice things up in the classroom while bringing in relevant information, things that you as high school students would be interested in instead of just reading from a textbook. 

Q: What is your goal for this year for you and your students?

A: My goal is to get to know students and inter-workings of WA and successfully deliver Biology content to students.