Soundbytes: freshmen opinions on the first day of school

The first leap from middle school to high school

Anushka Patil, News Editor

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On August 27, 2019, the class of 2023 entered Westford Academy for their first day of the next four years. Many of the freshmen felt overwhelmed by the different hallways, stairwells, and rooms of WA, but although there was confusion, it is safe to say that the class of 2023 is excited for the year that follows, looking forward to the many opportunities Westford Academy has to offer.


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  • Elizabeth Kotary: "It's going pretty well. I'm enjoying my time here, and I am really excited to get to know all my new teachers. I'm really looking forward to this year, especially to my biology class."

  • Tanush Kaushik: "It's intimidating because you don't really know where everything is, so you have to look to other people for help. I am really interested in fencing club and entrepreneurship club because they seem like activities that I will enjoy. Also, I'm looking forward to my geometry class this year and my health class this year because I like the teachers that teach those classes."

  • Prajna Sajjan: "The first day of school has actually been a lot of fun. There were a lot of people around to help me, and all the clubs stands that I've visited look really exciting. I'm excited to try many clubs because there are a lot more options than there were in middle school. For classes, I am looking forward to English because Ms. Oelerich made the first day fun and is super nice."

  • Lindsay Ely: “I was actually really nervous at first, but [freshman orientation day] is really helpful. It helped me make sure that I was good and comfortable for the year, and it was a lot less scary than I imagined. Something interesting about today was that at lunch there were no rules about how many chairs there are to a table, which I found really nice.”

  • Aashi Gurtata: “It's fun and kind of scary at first because I can't find my way around. I met some of my teachers earlier, and I really like them. Also, I really enjoy the activity fair. We get to see so many club options and get a lot of candy.”

  • Nadya Payeur: "It's pretty interesting. It feels like so much less pressure than you really expect. There are a lot of welcoming people, especially the people in pink shirts, who really help a lot. I had trouble getting to my English class, so they helped me out. I am really excited for the year. I'm doing some fall sports, so I'm going to be occupied."

  • Will Owens: “I took the bus for the first time today, and it was kind of overwhelming. I was nervous, but when I actually got to school, it was not that bad, since I have known all these people for a couple years. Once I was with my friends, the day was fun, and all the people who helped me out were friendly.”

  • Mayha Ali: "I'm very excited to start my freshman year. All the teachers are really nice, and the [students] wearing pink shirts have been helpful and nice. I am a little stressed out for the year, but overall I'm not extremely stressed."

  • Sanjay Sivakumar: "The first day was okay for me because there was a lot of stuff going on and being thrown at me. One class that I'm really excited for is English because I have Mr. Bramanti, who seems cool. At the activity fair, I'm looking forward to checking out the DECA stand."

  • Annabelle Arnolds: “It is a different experience from middle school, and I feel like it will be more fun. However, the pressure is on now because we have to worry about our academics a lot more than we had to in middle school.”

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