Musician Amelia Devlin to take on Berkley


Piano, violin, upright bass, electric base, and marimba; all of these are instruments that Westford Academy senior Amelia Devlin plays.

She has played the piano and violin for 11 years, and she has played upright and electric bass as well as the marimba for two years.

“My family is very musical, and my sister started playing piano {. . .} and I was like I want to do that too,” Devlin said.

Devlin says that the decision to pursue music was her own, but her violin teacher has always encouraged her.

“She does gigs and she has an album, so I thought that was pretty cool, so she has been inspiring to look up to,” Devlin said.

On her piano, she likes to play mostly classical music, but she likes all types of music and is looking forward to learning new types of music in college.

In order to get to the level she is at now, she has taken lessons consistently and has taken advantage of every opportunity she has gotten.

“When I got to high school, I joined all of the ensembles possible . . . I was in the play that just happened [The Wolves],” Devlin said.

Next year Devlin is attending Berkley School of Music where she hopes to study music production and engineering.

“Originally I wanted to go to NYU . . . but I was waitlisted, so I had to make a decision somewhere else, and I think ultimately [Berklee] has the best facilities that anyone could want for music production,” Devlin said.

After college, Devlin wants to be a producer or a studio engineer. She said she would also be interested in working with live sound.

“There was nothing else that interested me as much as music does, and I could see myself doing that in the future, and the fact that it’s always changing, and there’s so much to learn about it,” Devlin said.