Raised activity fee raises opinions

Lyndsay Duato and Heather Vaughan

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Due to budget cuts in the school system, the activity fee for students who want to do clubs will be raised from 60 dollars to 100 dollars next year. We asked seven people if they think this increase will affect students and activity attendance. Here are their answers:

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  • “I feel like it could [affect club attendance] if you do struggle with money issues or not having enough money. Having that extra fee could affect people doing [clubs]” -Emily Carey, freshman

  • “I think that there will probably not be as many people joining activities because that's a big change in price, and honestly I don’t want to spend 100 dollars on something I will go to four times a year” -Ava Movsessian, freshman

  • “Yes I think there will be less activity attendance because some parents might not be able to pay that much money” -Tanya Vasireddy, freshman

  • “Not as many people will do it” -Meghana Edpuganti, sophomore “It’s a lot of money to pay to do a few clubs. Even if they just do one club it’s a lot of money.” -Himani Patel, sophomore “Some people do sports too so it’s kind of an addition” -Meghana Edpuganti, sophomore “And sports cost a lot, it’s like 300 or something.” -Samira Kapasi, sophomore

  • “It’s possible, that's a big jump. $40 can be a lot of money to some people” -Constance Menice, biology teacher

  • “Yea, I think that less people will go to clubs, because even though 40 dollars isn’t that much, maybe to some people it could be, because it can be hard to ask your parents for money”-Allette Burnier, freshman

  • “I think less people will do [clubs] because it’s going to be more money” -Leah Beliveau, freshman

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