Greaves says “bonjour” to WA

Q & A with Lizette Greaves


Lizette Greaves teaches her F block french class

Heather Vaughan and Lyndsay Duato

Lizette Greaves is a substitute French teacher in place of Katrina Lackner, who is taking leave until November. She was previously a German teacher at Blanchard Middle School and came to WA to fill in for Lackner.

Question: What is your name?

Answer: My name is Lizette Greaves.

Q: What do you teach at WA?

A: I teach French here at Westford Academy, but before this I taught German at Blanchard Middle School, so some kids call me Frau Greaves, and other kids call me Madame Greaves.

Q: When did you start working at WA?

A: I just worked starting this September, but back in 2002, 2003, and 2004 I worked here on a part-time basis as an ESL teacher, so the school is familiar to me.

Q: How is Westford Academy different from Blanchard?

A: It is very different. So I love it here, I do love the energy, but I have that energy with middle school kids, so that’s not a difference. The biggest difference for me to adjust to is the switching of classes, and not being in the same room, as a teacher, and sharing a room with someone else and moving. I had my own classroom before so I could stay in my own classroom to prepare my work, but here I have to come into the classroom within a few minutes rather than having all my stuff set up and ready to go

Q: Who did you replace when you came here?

A: So I’m just taking the place of  Katrina Lackner  for eleven weeks or so, she’s just on a short term leave.

Q: How do you like WA so far?

A: I love it.

Q: Are you fluent in any languages other than German and French?

A: I am not fluent, no, in any other languages… I do know, I can speak Latin and Spanish as a tourist. I have picked up some Spanish and Latin because they are so similar to French so it was easy to pick them up for traveling purposes, but I could not ever teach those languages.

Q: What is your favorite part of WA?

A: I enjoy my department, the teachers, there is great camaraderie, and I find the students very hardworking and committed.

Q: What is your family life like?

A: I have two boys, Ryan and Andrew, they went to Westford Academy, and we live locally here in Westford. Ryan is now 30, Andrew is 28, and they don’t live around here anymore.

Q: How long have you been a teacher?

A: The first time I taught was 1982, and I was teaching French at the high school level for a teacher who took a maternity leave, so my career has sort of bookended with this part-time teaching thing.