Patriots Super Bowl loss leaves unanswered questions for the future


Dan Allison, Staff Writer

On Sunday evening, homes all over New England anticipated the upcoming 6:30 kickoff in yet another Super Bowl for the Patriots. Fans ate their Tostitos Scoops with confidence after a thrilling AFC Championship win against the Jacksonville Jaguars 2 weeks ago, and they were hungry for a 6th Lombardi Trophy to come to Foxborough. Yet hours later, Philadelphia Quarterback Nick Foles was crowned Super Bowl MVP while Pats fans turned their TVs off with a feeling of being stung.

So what happened? How much could of happened in 5 hours? Well, too much can happen apparently.

Tom Brady threw for 505 yards – a Super Bowl record along with 3 TDs. But Philly didn’t beat Tom Brady, his own defense did.

The Patriots defense turned into rubble with allowing 538 yards and 41 points, the most ever allowed in a game under Bill Belichick. Along with this, the Eagles converted 10 of their 16 3rd downs as the Patriots could not get off the field for the life of them.

Scoring 33 points in a Super Bowl should win the game, yet this broken defense got carved up by a backup quarterback. A historical performance by the offense kept the game intact until the Eagles forced a strip sack fumble late in the 4th quarter and an exhausted Brady and crew could not muster up any more Super Bowl magic.

It is Tuesday, and what now? Where do we go after a night like that?

Well, Philadelphia wanted that Super Bowl more than the Patriots. Going for their first title with an underdog spirit rallied them together. If the fans riot through the city and are burning things, then I guess it is safe to say it meant a “little” more to the City of Brotherly Love.

Seeing Brady break a Super Bowl record in his 40’s shows that he isn’t going anywhere, but many issues still hover over the organization. Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniels, and Defensive Coordinator, Matt Patricia, will be gone next year with them taking head coach positions for Indy and Detroit, respectively. The dust will settle and only the mastermind of Bill Belichick will remain, and some are questioning what he did in Minnesota.

Patriots Defensive Back, Malcolm Butler, was shown crying during the National Anthem on Sunday, and the situation says it wasn’t from his love of America. Butler did not play a single snap against the Eagles, and many are wondering why.

Belichick said in his postgame interview that it was a FOOTBALL issue and not disciplinary. For Butler, it seemed like a lot more. Butler was emotional after the game, and there was a barrage of input on the topic over social media. Former Patriot, Brandon Browner, put on Instagram, “A locker room that was divided pre game, most yards ever given  up in a Super Bowl game, and your best defender over the past 3 seasons. Doesn’t get a snap. You were hurt/burnt where he was needed tonight.. #foolishpride” I am not sure Butler would have turned the game around, but he definitely could have helped.

Butler is gone. No other way to put it. It is impossible to see him stay with the team after being thrown to the curb on the biggest stage. Once the opportunity is there, he will take it and his absence will certainly put this whole defense in a reality check.

This offseason, we may witness change upon change due to a new coordinator and hopefully a new era for the Patriots defense. And if the Patriots do not make any moves, you can lower those odds in Vegas right now.

The stadium was cleaned, aisles were swept, and logos removed from the turf used only 24 hours earlier to decide a champion. However, the stadium still holds on to something left there on Sunday.

The Patriots Future

Defense in shambles. Gronk’s possible retirement. Cook’s injury. Coordinators leaving.

Is it over? Is this the final stand? What is gonna happen? Well, smell the roses.

Brady threw for 500 yards in the Super Bowl at 40. Julian Edelman will be back next year, along with other key players like Dont’a Hightower. New coordinators will give change that is needed for the Pats.

It is not about if you get hit, it is about when you get hit and whether or not you fight and get back to your feet.

Sunday. September 9th. 2018.

A new fight will be fought.