11 exciting ways to prepare for a Patriot’s Super Bowl


Josh Rosenstein, Staff Writer

11. Football squares

Football squares is a fun way to add a little excitement to the game by having random bets on the score of each quarter. How it works is simple. First, create a 10 x 10 grid so you have a spot for every possible two-number combination of integers 0-9. Then assign one team to each axis. After the grid is set up, fill in each box with a person who is betting. After each quarter, you find the box with the last digit of each team’s score and that person wins a portion of the money. For a more in depth description, and an online version of football squares visit the website: http://www.superbowlsquares.org/how-to-play

10. Classic chips ‘n dip

If you don’t have chips and dip, it isn’t a true Super Bowl party.

9. Team gear and jerseys 

It’s always important to wear Patriots gear to support the team. Whatever lucky jersey you have is the one that you wear for the Super Bowl.


Cheering loudly is essential to a football party, as the team really feeds off the energy you provide as you scream at the television.

7. Soda and drinks

Yelling at the TV can take a lot of effort, so it’s important to stay hydrated so you can continue to trash on the Eagles.

6. A large TV or projector

The bigger the screen is, the more details of the game you can see. The more you can see, the better the game is.

5. Commercial ratings

The Super Bowl is known for having the best commercials and being the place where companies present them first. Creating signs with numbers 1-5 allows you to rate each commercial from disappointing to hilarious.

4. The most important bets

Football games, especially the Super Bowl can get long. Try to make up some fun bets along the way to keep yourself engaged throughout the game. There are many websites that have creative betting ideas, such as the color of gatorade poured on the winning coach or how long the national anthem will take. Remember that if you are not of age, use M&Ms instead of money.  

3. Yummy desserts (bonus points if they are football themed)

By the second half, everyone is looking for the dessert table. Having a variety of delicious treats is another key to a good Super Bowl party. The desserts even seem to taste better when they are football themed, such as cupcakes with white frosting in the design of a football’s seams or chocolate covered strawberries made to look like miniature footballs.

2. Preserve good luck superstitions

Repeating traditions that have lead to good luck in the past are vital. Whether it’s sitting in the same spot during last year’s Super Bowl win or wearing lucky socks, you must continue rituals that have worked before.

1. Don’t forget about the pregame

For those who just cannot wait until the game, there’s an easy way to get hyped up for when the Patriots take the field. One option is to rewatch the other recent Super Bowl wins for the Patriots, and relive the joy of seeing our team claim the Vince Lombardi trophy. Another option is to watch as many episodes as possible of the new Tom vs. Time documentary series. Either way is completely acceptable for getting psyched for the game.