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French exchange students say ‘au revoir’ to Westford

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

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Students from France in the French Exchange program reflected upon their experience at Westford Academy, comparing it to education, and life back home in France.

"We loved the party, the Halloween party. It was really fun and we don't have this in our school either." -Juliette Boulay (left) "To see the football game was really interesting." -Elisa Georges (right)
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Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor
As a sophomore this year at WA, this is my second year taking journalism. I’ve learned that I enjoy taking photos, and writing feature articles, as well as covering various events. I love to travel and try new foods and hope to travel around the world someday. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, listening...
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French exchange students say ‘au revoir’ to Westford