Photos: Spirit Rally 2017

Mehul Shrivastava, Features Editor

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On Friday, October 20, WA held the annual Spirit Rally during the last two blocks of the day to wrap up Spirit Week. All grade levels lined up around each side of the ring set up in the soccer field, and competed in events such as the potato sack race and sumo wrestling.

The sunny, 70 degree weather allowed enthusiasm to be displayed by all classes, the senior class showing the most.

Once again, the senior class was victorious at the end of the rally.

Check out some photos from the rally below:

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  • Supplies for the spirit rally are prepared before students arrive

  • Student Council members direct freshmen as they head onto the field

  • Sophomores arrive on the field

  • The senior class runs onto the field with flags

  • Seniors display class spirit as the head to their side of the field

    Bella Baretto

  • The junior class lines up at their side of the field as the rally begins

  • Seniors cheer on their classmates as they compete

  • Freshman smile for a picture before the rally begins

  • Senors and sophomores competing in dodge ball walk onto the field

  • Senior Devon Whitney sings the national anthem at the beginning of the rally

  • A senior throws a ball at the opposing team

  • Sophomores charge forward at the beginning of the dodge ball game

  • Freshmen and sophomores prepare for the whipped cream eating contest

  • Seniors Myles Cripanuk and Tim Kapetanakis after winning the whipped cream eating contest

  • Juniors pose as they chow class sprit

  • The senior class cheers as they win another event

  • Faculty members play tug of war against seniors

  • Students council members set up the field for tug of war

  • Sophomores smile for a picture as they encourage their class

  • Senior Emily Bramanti cheers on her class

  • Junior Lauren Guglielmo, who is also part of Student Council, takes a picture of some students

  • The sophomore class cheers on their classmates

  • A junior and a sophomore compete in sumo wrestling

  • Seniors celebrate yet another victory in an event

  • Sophomores pose as they cheer on their classmates

  • A senior partcipates in the limbo, the final event of the rally

  • The senior class celebrates their victory

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