Ablondi departs WA


Emily Turcott, Staff Writer

Kathie Ablondi, assistant to the deans of students, is retiring at the end of this year.  She has worked at Westford Academy since 2004, making this her thirteenth year.

She was drawn to WA thanks to her children, who are former students. Ablondi had gotten to know Mike Parent, a dean, who coached her daughter in softball and her son in football. Also, she and Parent were involved in fundraisers together. As her husband was the head of the fundraising boosters, she got to know the Westford community and a little more about the school. She started working at the Nabnasset School as an administrative assistant in the office.

Before she even came to work in schools, Ablondi worked in the high-tech industries, working with computers out of college. She then transitioned to work in Chelmsford Schools.

As for her responsibilities as WA, Ablondi is essential to student life at the school.

“You always have your regular stuff that you do. Every month you do student of the month. There’s always other day-to-day stuff you have to do as well. There’s a lot to do during the summer too. I make sure to record all the locks for students’ lockers. I register all the cars for the seniors. I keep logs of everything that goes on here,” she said. with a laugh.

Her favorite part of the job are the students and developing relationships with them.

“They’re always happy,” she said.

She also loves working with the deans and faculty, who she has gotten to know over the years.

Ablondi feels the environment of the school is focused on ensuring the students’ success, which she loves being a part of.

As for why she’s retiring at the end of the year, she says it’s for the most part due to family.

As her parents have grown older, she has taken on more responsibility for their care.

“I just want to spend more time with my family,” Ablondi explained.

In the future, she plans to remain involved in the Westford community. Ablondi hopes to teach as a substitute.

Following her retirement, Ablondai is eager to spend more time with her grandchildren. Some of her hobbies outside of work include swimming and water aerobics. In addition, she would like to pursue her interest in travel and exploration.

Reminiscing over her time at Westford Academy, Ablondi remarks, “I can’t think of my favorite memory here, there have been so many to tell.”