Bob Wang in the USA


Conor Bellone, Staff Writer

2016 is the year of America for Bob Wang.

Starting his Freshmen year at WA, he’s an exchange student from Chengdu, China.

Wang has had some unique views of the United States, describing it as “crazy”, but loving our food and the clean environment.

It was odd to see him talk about eating foods we’ve all grown up with: “I had never heard of Mac n’ Cheese before. [It’s] really good,” Wang said.

Going on to share his love of finally seeing clear skies, he said“[Another great thing] is the environment. China is now facing a big problem of pollution. It’s very serious; you can see gray skies everywhere but now I pretty much see gray skies just when it’s raining.”

Talking to Wang really gives you an insight into how new people in the US have to adjust to things we’ve all lived with, many since we were born.

Wang went into depth about having to adjust to the harsh New England winters.

“I’m trying to get more warmer clothes… It’s complicated because I want to wear less [clothes] . It’s weird to wear that kind of clothes,” said Wang.

Many of us have heard of the strictness of Chinese schools, which Wang has said, puts more pressure on students than here.

“Chinese school is very stressful and uncomfortable,” Wang said.

All in all, Wang seems to like the country very much, saying he doesn’t want to return to China and is working on getting a “Green Card”, which would let him stay here. He said the Chinese government slows this process down, and he hopes he’ll have the paperwork before he graduates.