Clowns coming to WATA


Kenna Rooney

Rachel Wright

Next week, there will be another WATA play produced, The Servant of Two Masters. This play’s makeup director is Kenna Rooney.

According to Rooney, the play is about people getting married and uniting, and that there are a bunch of clowns. She also says that none of the clowns look creepy or stalkerish, but they are fun, quirky, and have different personalities from one another.

In a few words describing how the clown makeup looks she said, “Creative, original, sparkly, colorful, and unique to each character.”

With everything going on at colleges, and people now thinking when they see a clown that they are going to attack them, this could be considered a sensitive topic right now. When asked if they should have changed the play to something different, Rooney disagreed. 

“No, because Westford is a much more mature town. We have done very mature performances here before, so I feel the students, faculty, and people in the town are not doing the show to target at clowns and everything,” Rooney said.

Rooney believes that people will still want to go because the WATA audience understands the productions that are usually put on their stage.

The most difficult part of doing the makeup, is that they have to time themselves to make sure that they get on stage at the right time and that they are not rushing. For this play, each makeup artist has only twenty-five minutes to do each person’s makeup.

Even though it is difficult with having little time to do the makeup, the best part of doing the makeup for everyone is that they are all bonding with each other. Throughout the rehearsals, they have become a mini family for one another, and that is what makes this time enjoyable.

According to Rooney the play should be very entertaining and funny. They make jokes that relate to things that are going on in school currently and the last couple months. It is a family show, and anyone can see it. She also said that on the stage there will be two slides, and that no one should miss out on seeing that.

This play will be shown on: November 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 22nd at 7:30. The tickets for students are $8 and adult tickets are $12.