Release your inner Gandalf


Members from game club playing a card game

Kai-Lou Yue, Editor-In-Chief

Once a week, in one of the science rooms on the second floor of WA, a group of students prepare to go on a quest, or begin strategizing a battle or two. As is typical for the WA Strategic Gaming Club, boisterous laughter and loud voices can be heard throughout the hall as players embark on their adventures.

Game Club works to attract students who are interested in role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, one of the more popular games played in the club.

“[Here,] students can let loose their inner Napoleon or Gandalf.  For the imaginative quest-seekers there is Dungeons and Dragons, a game where you are the author of your heroism and fate,” said Club Adviser Jeffrey Bucchianeri.

In addition to D&D, members participate in dice-less card games, board games like Risk and Betrayal at House on the Hill, and strategy games including Dominion and Settlers of Catan. For those who are interested and own the correct cards, Magic the Gathering is also on the table.

Players do not have to stay committed to one game, and can switch around as they wish.

“We don’t really have a schedule. If someone requests a game, and we have that game, we will bring it if we haven’t already brought it,” said Game Club President Mark Pritchard, a WA junior.

Founded in 2012 by former WA students Thomas Pritchard and Mathew Ferron, the Game Club is striving to increase member participation, publicize their existence, and learn team building and skills from gaming. Despite the loud volume of the voices heard from the club room that may say otherwise, the regular members are willing to mentor newer gamers, and work together in games.

“It gets really noisy really fast unless [Mr. Bucchianeri] tells us not to, [but the club’s environment] is cooperative, which is really big in some of these games,” said the club president.

On average, about 12 to 13 people attend each meeting, and the gender ratio is fairly equal.

“The more people, the better, usually,” said Pritchard.

Although not one of the largest at the Academy, the Game Club is a place where students can congregate and have fun.

“Games have always been an escape from the pressures of reality,” he said. “We only go for an hour, so it’s not […] too long, but we get stuff done.”

The club meets on Thursdays at 2:00 in room 217.