Opinion: Let’s be blunt

Kai-Lou Yue, News Editor

By Kai-Lou Yue
News Editor

It’s widely known that many people smoke marijuana in the country and in places around the world; Westford Academy is not apart from this generalization.

Despite various schools rules attempting to prevent its use, high school students have not halted it.

With the marijuana study set to take place this fall at WA,  it is evident that this experiment is not a good idea and will not have a positive effect on the community.

First and foremost, this study is sending a negative message to students that smoking marijuana is acceptable, especially since monetary rewards will be given to participants in the study.

In general, it seems rather unfair that students are essentially being rewarded for past infractions with the drug. Students who have not taken the drug are allowed to participate in the study as controls and will be rewarded in the same way, but the treatment of the two groups does not show that marijuana use is being discouraged in any way.

Parental approval has to be given for the student to participate, and as many parents are not aware of their child’s smoking habits, this narrows down the pool of potential participants drastically. Getting students to admit that they are smoking marijuana, even if it is kept confidential, may be difficult, for fear of administration somehow finding out.

Additionally, the people who will participate in the study in the marijuana group may take other drugs such as cocaine. This could affect the results of the study, as students would not necessarily have to admit to the usage of other drugs, but schoolwork and tests would still be affected by it.

Consequently, it is evident that the marijuana study taking place at Westford Academy is not the best idea, and it is unlikely that the results will be conclusive due to a number of confounding factors.