2011 Superlatives Announced

Lexie Brearley
Staff Writer

Well, Class of 2011, the votes are in and the superlatives have been chosen.

Cameron Johnson and Kate Sulka won “Best All-Around.”

The voting process was done twice. The first time it was online, with a Google Survey spreadsheet, but there were major issues. What was intended to happen was students would vote online by filling in the appropriate blanks.

What really happened was some students would only vote for one superlative multiple times.

The voting was done over on a sheet of paper where students would circle the names. It took about a week to tally all the names up and come out with a winner for each superlative.

Emily Raczelowski, who throws shot put and discus for the WA Track team, won the “Most Athletic.”

“I feel really good and thankful for all the people who voted for me,” said Raczelowski with a big smile.

Other winners include, Ryan Imbriaco and Chelsey Walter for “Best Looking,” and John Manning and Teresa Langford won “Hollywood Bound.” As well as Lauren Learner and Brian McCormack for “Best Eyes.”

Emily Mount, who was voted for “Loudest” was not surprised, “It’s funny because I’ve been told I’m loud since kindergarten.”

Although most of the superlatives are flattering, there are some that have a negative tone, such as “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare.” If a student doesn’t want to be named for a particular superlative they can turn it down, but most students find them funny.

So it is a popularity contest? “It most definitely is a popularity contest,” said Gina Mustoe, advisor of the yearbook.