Non-mainstream essentials: September 2010

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By: Nicholas DiNatale
Staff Writer

Post-hardcore band The Word Alive was originally started as a new project by Craig Mabbit, after he left blessthefall. However, after he created Escape The Fate as a side project, the members of The Word Alive decided that he wasn’t paying equal attention to both bands and decided to replace him. The result was Tyler Smith. With the addition of Tyler, The Word Alive migrated towards a heavier, metalcore sound and recorded an EP in 2008, titled Empire. Consistent touring followed the release, and in 2009, the band signed with Fearless Records. In early 2010, The Word Alive entered the studio in order to record their first full length album titled Deceiver.

Deceiver is a rather heavy album, and earns The Word Alive the right to tour with both metalcore bands and post-hardcore bands. It contains one repeat song, “Battle Royale” that also appeared on Empire. The remaining nine tracks are all brand new. The three opening tracks of the album are all very heavy-hitting with fast paced double bass, metal-influenced guitar riffs and an effective combination of screamed and melodic vocals. The album then cools down a bit with a slower track, “Consider It Mutual”, which is still hard-hitting in spots. The remainder of the record continues to combine lighter and heavier material, but is highlighted by the much slower, much more melodic track “You’re All I See”, which excludes Tyler’s screams. “You’re All I See” is just a small exception in an album that most would categorize as metalcore, and a very solid exception at that. Overall, Deceiver is one of the better albums that have been released this year. It fuses metalcore along with a more post-hardcore feel, and provides music that a fairly wide variety of listeners can appreciate.

In support of the new album, The Word Alive will be touring quite a bit this fall. They are currently on The Anti-Hero Tour with Bleeding Through, and will be joining Miss May I and Confide on The Monument Tour, which lasts from October 29th until December 5th.