Toys bring joy to Westford

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By Anastasha Echavarri
News Editor 

The class of 2015 has been hosting a Toys for Tots fundraiser for the past week. They have been collecting and will continue to collect toys for the rest of the week for families who cannot afford gifts for this holiday season.

This event has been headed by sophomore class president Jack Leeber with assistance from class advisor and English teacher Emily Coates. Leeber has been involved with Toys for Tots for years.

Toys for Tots collection bin filling up fast

“Since middle school I have been involved with Toys for Tots. I have helped sort toys in the warehouse as well as plan different toy collections,” said Leeber.

Many students are encouraged to donate toys because teachers are offering extra credit to those who participate. Other students strongly believe in what Toys for Tots stands for and donate just because they think it is a worthy cause.

“I go about the day complaining about minor problems… I hear others complain about minor problems, you know? Stuff like how they look, or going to school, and then I realized that there are kids out there who don’t have these special privileges that we complain about. I wanted to make one kid feel special,” said senior Apoorva Chaloori.

This drive affects families everywhere. Marine Corps Coordinator for the Toys for Tots Program Arthur Enos is responsible for the organization of the Toys for Tots drive for 88 towns. Enos makes sure that the toys are delivered to all families in need.

“The purpose of the charity is to ensure that every child in America will wake up on Christmas morning and find a toy under their tree and hopefully put a smile on their faces,” said Enos.

In Westford and its surrounding towns, it is expected that over 300 families will be helped this Christmas and will receive over 1200 toys from Westford alone.

Students can participate in a distribution program held at Blanchard Middle School if they wish to help sort toys so that they can be delivered on time. Others can help by simply donating. The only requirement is that toys must be new and unwrapped.

“Any toy that brings a smile to a child’s face is a toy they are looking for and will appreciate,” said Enos.


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