Student talent showcased during Listening Lunch

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by Alok Ganguly
Staff Writer

On Wednesday October 24th, several students and teachers gathered in the library. Tablecloths were set up, and students sat and chatted with their friends while eating lunch in a calmer setting than the lunchroom. Calming, relaxing, and soft music was played and sung by students who were all looking forward to the chance to share their creations with their friends and the other students at the event.

Some of the songs were written by the students, and others were covers of other songs. Most of the songs were acoustic guitar or a capella.

Several of the students were very happy with their experience.

“I think they should have these more often, and I think more people should come to this,” said freshman Matthew Gagnon.

Another student,  sophomore Zoe Geannopolus, said “[The Listening Lunch] is really cool. They should do this more often.”

Some students even found the event therapeutic.

Freshman Nehal Navali said the event was “really relaxing.”

An acoustic guitar, which most of the songs contained as background noise during the Listening Lunch

The students who played were also happy with the experience. Senior Matt Warner, who sang a song that he wrote, accompanied with an acoustic guitar,  said the Listening Lunch was “A cool, laid back event. This is an opportunity to show talent.”

Another artist, senior Catie Martin, who sang in a trio to the song “Call Your Girlfriend”, was enthusiastic about the event, and she said “yes, absolutely” to doing this again.

Overall, students were very happy with the event, but would like to have these lunches more often, to escape from the chaos of the lunchroom for the day and relax while enjoying their meal with their friends.