Seniors reign as spirit champions

By Anastasha Echavarri
News Editor

Once again, the seniors manage to come out on top another year at the spirit rally. Seniors won eight out of the ten events with juniors and sophomores winning one event each and the freshman class winning none.

The rally began with senior Leah DeTolla singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” in front of the whole school.

After this, several contests took place. Events ranged from relay races, tug-of-war, sumo wrestling, sack races, centipede races, balloon popping competitions, wheelbarrow races, greased melon tosses, limbo, to even jello-eating contests.

The first tug-of-war match was between the freshman class and the seniors. Although both sides worked hard, the seniors won rather quickly and the next match soon began. In the next match, the sophomore class lost to the juniors who then faced the seniors.

In an extremely close match, many were unsure who would win. Both sides pulled back and forth until the seniors eventually won, securing their first victory.

The next event was the sumo wrestling match. The first few rounds were very short between the junior and the sophomore wrestlers. In a matter of minutes, sophomore Billy McLaughlin defeated his opponent.

It was McLaughlin who then beat the senior sumo in the final round. An impressive victory and their only win, the sophomore class ran onto the field to congratulate their winner.

Proceeding the wrestling match were the sack races and the centipede races. For both events, the seniors won.

Next was the balloon-popping competition. Each class had about 10 students representing them. They had a balloon tied to their legs  and the goal was to pop all the balloons on the opposing sides. Several groups got together and singled out the freshmen, eliminating them quickly.

Seniors show their spirit at the rally

Eventually it all came down to the senior and junior representatives. In the end, the seniors won after a long match.

Another popular event was the greased melon toss. Each class had 2 teams and it was clear that many underclassmen felt they were being cheated out of a fair match. While the melons for the senior class were lightly greased, the watermelons for the freshmen were white and caked in a fair amount of it.

However, in past years this has always been the case when it comes to who gets the greasiest melon.

In the end, the melon toss was a close tie between the juniors and the seniors until a junior caught one of the melons which broke on impact in his hands.

“My favorite part was the water melon toss because we were pretty close to winning it,” said junior Colette O’Connor.

The jello-eating contest was an interesting event to watch and was also the only victory for the junior class. Four students buried their faces in giant bowls of jell-o until they completely emptied it.

The last event of the day, a limbo competition, was probably the most exciting part of the rally. It was a huge event where several members from each class were bending backwards as far as they could under the limbo stick  until it looked like it was merely 3 feet from the ground.

The seniors screamed louder and louder every time senior Emma Ennis made it under without touching the pole. Having never competed in the spirit rally before, she was glad she finally did.

“It was such a fun and exciting experience! I honestly wasn’t expecting to do very well because I’m so tall but I somehow made it to the final two… it was just really thrilling,” said Ennis.

After the seniors had secured their 8th win, they poured into the arena and ran off the field which brought the spirit rally to a close.

“You can tell the classes apart by who has the most spirit, the seniors having the most by far and the freshmen not really knowing what to do,” said O’Connor.