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Graduate Shout-Outs

Dear Senior Parents/Guardians:

The end of your child’s high school career is near! We know you have many different ways to commemorate the occasion, but we’d like to offer another possibility.

The staff of the student newspaper, The WA Ghostwriter, invites you to purchase a graduation shout-out for your son or daughter.  We publish a printed June edition of the newspaper that is distributed at graduation. Here is an example of an edition:

Since it features a list of the graduates’ college destinations, it tends to be a hot commodity!

We are selling four different shout-out spaces this year.

Deadline for submitting all materials and payment: April 2, 2021

The Ghostwriter staff will design your shout-out at no additional cost!

Photos that work well: senior portraits (that you have a release for), baby pictures, candids, close up and clear photos

Photos that do not work well: smart phone photos, blurry or unfocused photos

Message example: “We are so proud of you Sam!  We know you will do well in college and succeed at UConn!  We hope you always stay true to yourself and follow your dreams!  Love, Mom and Dad”

If you would like to purchase a shout-out, please fill out the Google form here: SENIOR GRADUATION FORM

Prices – Print

Below are the prices and sizes for advertising in the Ghostwriter’s print editions. To buy an ad or to to get more information, please contact Advisor, Janet Fonden, at [email protected]

Business Card Size (3.3″ width X 2″  height) $25

1/4 Page (5 1/2″ width X 8 1/2″ height) $60

1/2 Page (11″ width X 8 1/2″ height) $120

Full Page (11″ width X 17″ height) $240

Advertisement Guidelines

We reserve the right to reject the publication of advertisements for the reasons including but not limited to:

  • Advertisements that contain inappropriate, illegal, racist, sexist, or libelous information or images
  • Advertisements that attack groups or individuals based on race, gender, religion, and/ or sexual orientation
  • Advertisements that promote illegal activities or products for minors.


  • Rates are subject to change and can be found on our advertisement tab.
  • The advertising period will begin at the time of the advertisement’s publication.
  • Advertisements published on the WA Ghostwriter online newspaper or print edition have no influence on our content, and advertisers are not necessarily endorsed by Ghostwriter staff members.

Refunds for Print Ads

  • In the case of an error in an advertisement made by the advertiser, no refunds or re-runs will be made
  • If the resolution of an advertisement, or a provided picture that will be going in the advertisement, is unfit for print, and we have contacted the advertiser about that more than 2 times about it, we will print the advertisement with the original resolution.
    • We will not provide a refund if the advertiser is unsatisfied with the provided quality of the picture in the advertisement, or the advertisement itself