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The importance of voting as a high school senior

Anushka Tekade
When the polls are open, WA will be a place for voters to vote.

Turning 18 in the United States unlocks new privileges. One of those is gaining the right to vote. With the next presidential election coming this November and Massachusetts having their primary election on March 5th, those who are eligible should know how to register to vote, as it is important to do so.

To register to vote, you can go to this link. First, click “Register or Pre-Register to Vote”. Then, follow their simple instructions, adding the necessary information.

If you prefer to register for a mail-in ballot, go to this link. Fill out the information. They allow for voters to submit their vote without physically going to vote in person.

If you prefer to mail your mail-in ballot application, print this PDF. Fill out the information and mail it to:

Town Clerk
55 Main Street
Westford, MA 01886

You can also put it into the drop box at the same address.

Note: This address is specific to Westford, Massachusetts. Each town has their own address to mail applications to. If you live in Massachusetts, but not Westford, use this link to determine the right address for you.

I want to focus on two elections: the upcoming presidential election, and the upcoming decision on the Fiscal Year 25 (FY25) budget.

Voting is a right given to US citizens in the Constitution. Voting can take shape in many different ways: from voting on motions, to deciding who will be on the different select boards or committees, to who will represent our county/state in Congress.

The presidential election is not only the largest election, but it is also very important, as it determines who will run our country for the next four years. Primary elections decide which candidates will be on the general election ballot in November. The general election determines who will be the next president of the United States.

Your voice matters.

You may think that your voice doesn’t count as there are thousands, millions, or hundreds of millions of other people who will vote and missing one vote won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. You would be wrong. In fact, some elections have come down to just a few votes in favor of one candidate over another, and in moments like these, every vote matters.

Democracy is based on the wants and needs of the people, and by voting, you are making your voice heard. You are putting your wants and needs out there, trying to elect the candidate or pass a decision that is of your opinion which you see as the best fit to help your town, state, or country.

“[Voting is] so important because everyone is affected by the decisions their local, state, and federal governments make, and voting is the easiest way to protect or change those governments,” history and government teacher Heather Carney said. “In other words, if you are happy with how things are in your community, state, or country, then you can vote to keep the same people in office. If you’re not happy, however, you can attempt to make change by voting for new officials instead. Not everyone is going to run for office or take the time to contact their lawmakers about legislation, so voting allows eligible voters to have an impact with minimal effort.”

For the presidential election, it not only decides who will hold office for the next four years, but also the direction that the country will take. Jobs will be affected. Education will be affected. Infrastructure will be affected. So many things are affected by who holds office based on their beliefs. It is up to us, the people, to decide whose beliefs are better for the country as a whole.

Massachusetts has their primary election on Super Tuesday, which is on March 5th, and the general election day is on November 5th.

It is similar for the upcoming override decision. What is more important for the town? Continuing to have a large variety of choices of classes and keeping jobs across town, or reducing the impact on the taxpayer and cutting those classes and jobs? What is the best direction for the town to go?

“The budget and override decision will have implications for WA, and seniors are the only students who are eligible to vote on it. Seniors comprise a great group of informed voters with firsthand, recent experience in Westford’s schools,” Carney said. “I also think voting on the budget and override is a great opportunity for seniors to represent those students who aren’t yet eligible to vote – maybe their younger siblings or friends who will be affected by the decision next school year and after.”

It is up to us, WA seniors, to join other Westford citizens and vote in the annual town meeting on March 23 where it will be decided whether the override will be put on the ballot. If the override gets put on the ballot, seniors should cast their vote once again in the May 7 town election, where they will vote on whether the override should pass.

If the override passes, there will still be cuts, but they won’t be as drastic as those that would occur should the override fail to pass. For more specifics on both scenarios, check out this article, or check out our Instagram @wa_ghostwriter for other information.

Voting is one of the most important rights that US citizens have and you should use it. Use it by going to the polls and making your voice heard.

Westford’s voting locations include WA and Stony Brook Middle School.

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