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WA would benefit from the reopening of an in-person school store

Meghan Hall
WA’s old school store.

In the fall of 2021, WA’s in-person school store was closed and moved online. This is understandable, seeing that this happened at the peak of COVID and students were attending remote classes either every other week or all of the time. However, now that all students and faculty are back in school full time, WA should bring the school store back to in-person.

There are several benefits to reopening the school store. In general, the items sold will increase our overall school spirit. Here at WA, a large number of the student population participate in sports and other extracurricular activities. Sports teams and certain clubs offer merchandise for those who participate in their program, but students who do not participate in these activities do not have the same opportunities to buy school apparel. If the school store is able to open again in-person, it will allow all students along with teachers to have attire supporting their school and town.

Wearing your team’s gear gives anyone a sense of pride. Being able to represent one’s school, community, or sport that they love is a feeling that I believe everybody at WA should experience. This is possible if the school start comes back to being in-person.

In addition, the money spent on merchandise at the school store could be put to fundraising. No matter the grade, all classes are looking to raise money so students can be given the opportunity to participate in activities for the school, including class trips. This way, money spent on items bought at the school store could be helpful for each class and their plans for the future.

Furthermore, items sold at the school store could positively impact the students by providing everyday school supplies. For example, school supplies including agenda books, pens, pencils, calculators, and notebooks being available for students would allow them to be more prepared for their classes.

As a student, I have experienced instances where I have forgotten my Chemistry notebook or run out of lead in my pencil, causing me to either borrow materials from my peers, or not have all of my materials for class. Being able to purchase these materials at school in these times where we are not fully prepared would be beneficial for myself and many other students.

However, it could be difficult to find the space needed to re-establish the school store in WA. Before it closed, the store was located in the history hallway across from the nurses’ office. Now, this room is occupied and accommodations would have to be made in order for the store to be brought back in-person.

Just recently I learned that there is a WA school store online. Until now, I was completely unaware that this existed, and this is the case for the majority of WA students. Online school shopping is not the most effective way to sell merchandise, and an in-person alternative would allow students and faculty to be aware of the opportunities they have to buy WA attire.

The store being in-person also requires people to work at the register. This could be an issue, as throughout the day, teachers and students are in classes. However, the hours could be specialized to work with students and teacher’s schedules. For instance, the store could be open for a period of time before and after school every day.

Business teacher Kathleen Lehan, who used to run the in-person school store, is a proponent of bringing the school store back to WA’s halls, and agrees that the in-person shopping is much better than online.

“I was very disappointed that my space was taken away. I have been doing my best to accommodate the students with online options,” Lehan said. “It has not been easy, I have been using social media to try to promote the school store and it’s online form but unfortunately it’s not the same. Hopefully we will get some space back.”

Ultimately, the re-implementation of an in-person school store is beneficial and necessary at WA. It would be advantageous for the schools’ funds, make purchases more convenient, and improve the overall school spirit. Let’s see our students repping maroon and grey more often for the Ghosts.

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Victoria Farley
Victoria Farley, Sports Editor
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Meghan Hall
Meghan Hall, Staff Writer
I am a freshman at WA. I love playing soccer and spending time outdoors. I am excited to be writing for the Ghostwriter this year!

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