WA Boys’ Ice Hockey defeated by Lincoln-Sudbury 6-1


Shaivi Shah

WA down by three goals in the first period.

Shaivi Shah, Staff Writer

The WA Boys’ Ice Hockey team season record fell to 3-2 on the season after suffering a massive 6-1 loss on Jan. 4 at Skate 3.

Lincoln-Sudbury started off powerful by scoring a goal in the early minutes of the first period. They score their second goal in five minutes and fifty-six seconds, following their first. Two minutes later, Lincoln-Sudbury scores a third goal. Nearing the end of the first period, the opposing team scores for a fourth time with only a minute left on the clock. WA tried to maintain the energy level and competitiveness, but Lincoln-Sudbury was four goals in the lead by the end of the period.

As multiple penalties, attempts to score goals, and players slamming into the boards continued, WA tried hard to score a goal in the second period. Unfortunately, they were unable to recover and make up for the deficit. With two minutes and fifty-eight seconds remaining in the second period, Lincoln Sudbury scored yet another goal, making it 5-0. One minute later, they increased the score to 6-0.

In the third and final period, there were several attempts at getting the puck into the net, but the single relieving moment was a long awaited goal scored by WA. Four minutes before the game was over, WA scored a smooth goal, making a beeline for the net and shooting the puck right past the goalie. Multiple attempts to score another goal were made, but not enough offensive firepower before the time ran out and the game was concluded with a final score of 6-1.

Head Coach of the hockey team Bob Carpenter highlights that the team is still young and currently has seven sophomores. He states finding balance between intensity and being relaxed and confident is the most important, and with the senior leadership that the team has, they will be able to generate that balance. 

“One of the things I spoke with the team about was trying to not get too excited about a game,” Carpenter said. “While you certainly want your team to be excited to play, sometimes when you are too excited you can actually get away from some of the things that you do naturally, which we did.”

The next game the team will play is on Wednesday, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. against Chelmsford at the Chelmsford Forum.