Girls basketball defeats Boston-Latin in state tournament

Westford Academy girls basketball wins against Boston-Latin, advancing through the state tourney.

Melanie Duronio

Westford Academy girls basketball wins against Boston-Latin, advancing through the state tourney.

Melanie Duronio, Co-Managing Editor

WA defeated Boston-Latin 62-40 at home in their first state tournament game on Thursday, March 4. This win clinches their spot in the next round of the tournament.

As soon as the clock began ticking, WA brought a sense of energy and fierce determination onto the court. They quickly proved themselves as a worthy opponent to Boston-Latin, setting the scene for a vigorous game. 

Seniors Tamar Almasian and Kate Barnes worked tirelessly on offense throughout the first quarter, often assisted by senior Carly Davey. Almasian made the first basket after a brief back and forth, which was soon followed by a two-pointer from Barnes. A sudden fast-break from Davey brought WA up 6-4. 

Neck to neck with Boston-Latin and in danger of losing the ball, junior Alanna Saunders swooped in and scored a quick two-pointer. This put WA’s score slightly ahead of Boston-Latin’s, and their lead continued to grow throughout the quarter.

Towards the end of the first quarter, Davey dashed across the court with another fast-break and secured an additional two-pointer for WA. In the final seconds, Barnes came in clutch with a quick block that secured WA’s 13-9 lead.

WA kept up their momentum throughout the second quarter. Against WA’s defense, Boston-Latin did not have as many early opportunities to score, and became more assertive in an attempt to regain the lead. Davey pulled a crowd-roaring move within minutes, stealing back the ball and dashing across the court to deliver a precise two-pointer. 

WA’s offense continued to work together and seemed rejuvenated by the success of the previous quarter. The ball passed from player to player, soaring over the heads of Boston-Latin before finally reaching Saunders, who then made a smooth two-pointer. 

The highlight of the second quarter was senior Kayley Carignan’s first three-pointer of the game, assisted by Davey. After attempting another fast-break, Davey found herself surrounded by Boston-Latin’s defense and hurled the ball at Carignan in a moment of quick thinking. Carignan caught it from the edge of the court and swept it through the net. Their play brought the WA’s score up 26-11 with 3:42 remaining on the clock.

Wrapping up with a last-minute two-pointer by Davey, the second quarter ended with WA still in the lead 33-18.

Coming out of halftime, Boston-Latin seemed determined to pull ahead as their player Emelia O’Gilvie wasted no time in scoring the first two-pointers of the quarter. WA’s defense struggled to keep up with Boston-Latin at first, seeming to have lost energy compared to the previous quarters. 

After a long period of back and forth, Saunders made a free throw that won WA a point. Later, she rebounded the ball before Boston-Latin could and made a basket. Both of her plays brought WA up 38-22 with 3:58 remaining in the third quarter.

In the last quarter, WA gained its momentum back. Davey, in particular, scored a series of layups and free throws that contributed to WA’s increasing score of 50-25 at the 6:25 mark.

Barnes then took advantage of a rebound, passing the ball back to Davey. Their combined efforts led to Carignan making a clean layup, resulting in a three-pointer that brought WA up 53-25.

The crowd roared as the final buzzer sounded, cementing WA’s victory of 62-40 against Boston-Latin and progression into the state tournament. Davey felt excited for the win and proud of her teammates’ performances that night.

“It was really exciting. We haven’t won a playoff game since I’ve been here […] Boston-Latin is a great program but we really pulled it out tonight,” Davey said.

WA will continue to advance through the state tournament this month. Their next game and opponents are to be announced at a later date.