Girls’ hockey defeated by Tewksbury-Methuen in first home game

Westford-Littleton girls hockey team huddles before game starts.

Anushka Patil

Westford-Littleton girls hockey team huddles before game starts.

Deepa Gautam, Staff Writer

On Saturday, December 18, the Westford-Littleton Girls’ Hockey team competed in their first home game of the season, facing the Tewksbury-Methuen Red Rangers. Despite their best efforts, WA was defeated 5-1 at Nashoba Valley Olympia Rink, marking their second loss of the season.

The first period started off slow, with both teams fighting for possession of the puck. Fifteen minutes into the first period, WA Junior Kylie Beers scored the first goal of the game. 

WA’s strong defense continued for the remainder of the period, notably from Beers and junior Hannah Kennedy. Despite being the youngest on the team, goalie Alexis McDonough, a seventh-grader, continually blocked shots from the Red Rangers, leaving WA with a 1-0 lead by the period’s end. 

“I thought that the team played really well, winning the first period 1-0. Tewksbury-Methuen is rated in the top 15 in the state,” coach Jim Geraghty said. 

Following a brief break, the teams stepped back into the rink for the second period. Within two minutes, the Red Rangers gained possession, successfully scoring their first goal.

Less than three minutes later, the Red Rangers obtained the lead with another goal. Despite WA’s efforts, the second period proved to be a strong one for the Red Rangers, as they dodged the Ghost’s defense and scored another point before the end of this period, giving Tewksbury-Methuen a 3-1 lead. 

WA fought for a comeback against Tewksbury’s two-point lead, but the third period did not continue in their favor.  Tewksbury-Methuen celebrated two additional goals despite McDonough’s various saves. The second goal occurred after the Red Rangers took advantage of a fall, giving Red Ranger’s Kat Schille the opportunity to score a point, with only four minutes left on the clock.

“[One of the struggles] the Ghosts’ faced was trying to get into scoring position often for more opportunities to score,” said Geraghty.

By the time the buzzer rang, the Red Rangers had maintained their 5-1 lead, defeating the Ghosts. Geraghty believes that despite the loss, the girls played well and will continue to improve as the season carries on. 

“My hope is that we just keep improving each week like we have been doing and that the team keeps on having fun,” Geraghty said. 

The team’s next game is on Wednesday, December 22nd at 4 p.m. They will be playing against Andover at Breakaway Ice.