Evolution of communication

Alette Bernier, Staff Writer

I am alone. Even with four other people in my house, I feel alone. Often times, I wish I knew when quarantine will be over. There is no more hanging out with friends or extracurricular activities. During this time of uncertainty, I´ve learned communication is crucial. In 2019, a study showed people spend an average of two hours and fifty-five minutes on their phones daily. I’ve learned that, when I don’t have human contact with peers, I get anxious. People are quite the social-beings.

In ancient times, tribes needed to send smoke signals or drum messages to neighbors. Our need to communicate is primal

Technology controls our daily lives.

and timeless. Fast forward to the year 2020, where we have technology, but limited human interaction. With today’s technology, there are many ways of communicating. 

In the lives of teens, social media is a popular option. On average, people spend one-hundred and forty-four minutes on social media, daily. When trapped indoors, communication is harder and more important than ever. On my phone, I´ve been texting in group chats trying to stay connected. The clicking of the keyboard and dinging of notifications is music to my ears. It makes me feel less alone.

In the future, people will continue to yearn for human interaction just as they always have. Technology will be there to support communication. Science fiction movies fantasize about the ways we may utilize technology and communicate in the future, as technology is always improving and evolving. I wonder, how I will communicate with others using technology sixty years from now?

During this pandemic, I have learned that keeping a schedule and routines are essential. Keeping in contact with friends is crucial. Checking in with peers might brighten their day. I have learned that it is an essential part of my day. The moment social distancing started, I felt alone.  The advice I would tell my past self would be to take nothing for granted, and live in the moment, for you never know when life will flip upside down.