Seven things to do to spend more time outside

Sara Zukowsky, Staff Writer

After four weeks of social distancing, it is safe to assume that you have run out of things to watch on Netflix. You probably have no energy after spending hours on end indoors doing absolutely nothing. Your body needs is begging you to spend time outdoors. Here is a list of seven things you can do to spend more time outside.

1. Pick up new hobbies 

Now is the time to start new hobbies (or restart old hobbies). We have all this time and the weather is gorgeous, so why not bike or rollerblade? Pull out your old skateboard and relearn tricks you knew when you were younger. Or, if you’ve never biked, boarded, or skated before, learn how, and have fun doing it.

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A person skateboarding

2. Start a garden

Spend more time outside learning how to garden. You can start your own vegetable garden, or start growing strawberries in your backyard. By the time summer rolls around, you’ll have your own fruits or vegetables whenever you want them. An easy way to begin gardening would be to start growing tomatoes.

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A garden in a backyard

3. Read outside

A good way to spend time in nature without doing anything particularly exhausting would be to sit and read outside. Instead of watching more TV, sit in a hammock and start your summer reading book. Or, you can listen to a book using Audibles free student link.

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Books to read

4. Go on walks

Spend even just twenty minutes walking your dog or, if you don’t have a dog, you could simply go on a walk around the block with your family. Bond with your dog or your siblings while getting some necessary time outside.

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A walking path

5. Practice a sport you play

Take advantage of the time we have and practice the spring sport you’re missing. Or, prepare for your next fall or winter season. Spend your time running outside or, just training for the next season in general.

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A basketball

6. Photography

Practice photography skills outside, and become a nature photographer for the day. Play around with a camera, or just your phone, and start or continue this hobby.

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A black and white photo of nature

7. Play with sidewalk chalk

Whether or not you have a younger sibling, playing with sidewalk chalk is always a fun activity. Bond with your siblings, or just draw a portrait. You can also draw things that you miss doing, or trace yourself, and just have fun being creative outdoors.

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Chalk written on a sidewalk