8 ways to keep calm during social distancing

Mateo Berman-Sample, Staff Writer

Many people are feeling nervous about the pandemic that we are facing at the moment, right now, we are being told to quarantine ourselves and it can get pretty anxiety-producing to be at home for long periods of time. I have used a lot of the helpful techniques and activities to reduce my anxiety about this as much as possible. These activities can also be used for anxiety in general. Here are some calming and relaxing things you can do to help yourself while at home. Try painting, listening to music, dancing, going for walks, meditation, and writing.

1. Make a playlist

Headphones and vinyls

Compile a list of songs that you find relaxing and calming. Put on headphones or just listen to them openly. And to take this to the next level, try singing along if you know any of the lyrics! It’s very calming and just helps all the worrying melt away.

2. Arts and crafts

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Paints and brushes

Painting, in particular, helps me a lot when I’m feeling sad, hopeless and worried. Try painting something calm like an ocean or a forest; you can also paint anything that makes you feel happy or calm. Keep in mind that no one has to see what you make. It’s for you and only you; show people if you feel comfortable.

3. Go for a walk!

Tony Webster
Peaceful path

Especially when you have to stay inside most of the time, exercise is important. It’s okay to go outside for a little bit, but just try to stay away from large groups of people. Take a stroll down your street. Just look around and stay in the moment. Try your best to clear your mind of any lingering thoughts such as school and work. Maybe listen to your playlist while on your walk.

4. Practice mindfulness.

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Mindfulness is a technique used a lot in DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), but just about anyone can benefit from it! Mindfulness is whatever works for you. It can be used whenever you are feeling scared, anxious, worried, upset or anything like that. Everything on this list can be counted as mindfulness. Some common mindfulness activities include meditation and yoga. If you feel like it, search up some more mindfulness techniques.

6. Keep a journal!


Write, write, write. Writing keeps me calm and grounded a lot of the time. If I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I write about what I’m feeling. It doesn’t specifically have to be about feelings. Even just keeping a log of what you did that day can help. It helps you to organize your thoughts.

7. Play with your pet.

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If you have a dog or a cat, try playing or cuddling with them. Animals help to calm me down and bring a lot of comfort. This one is very simple and easy to do. Try playing fetch with your dog or playing with your cat.

8. Call your friend.

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Texting only does so much. Keep up with the trend of actually talking voice to voice. This is the most “in person” you can get. These are confusing times, but with that in mind try to keep to a routine and just like you would see them, try calling one friend per day.

Those are just a few of the countless amount of ways you can keep calm during the outbreak. These are stressful times, so it is good to always do something for yourself that feels safe and comforting. I hope these tips help you!