The risk of part-time jobs for students during the Coronavirus


Photo by: BBC News

Map of what countries have more cases of the Coronavirus currently in the world.

Penny Joyce, Staff Writer

The pandemic COVID-19, or Coronavirus, has been altering people’s everyday life. At WA, major precautions are being taken to prevent sickness in the school, but most students still have to attend a part-time job after the school day. For many students, they are in contact with the public and interact with many people at their jobs, making their risk of contracting the disease very high.

Students who deal with kids are at risk for many diseases since young children typically aren’t too worried about getting sick and aren’t very careful. Many WA students who work in the after-school programs come in contact with possibly sick children, so it’s very important to try and keep kids home if they don’t feel well because this disease spreads so quickly. Students working with kids should also consider washing their hands as frequently as possible and encouraging kids to as well.

Another issue during this outbreak is students whose jobs involve dealing with money and are in close contact with people. Money is one of the top ways germs are transmitted since everyone exchanges cash and it’s been circulating in communities for long periods of time. They say you can get the Coronavirus just being within six feet of someone who is carrying it, so student cashiers, retail workers, or anyone who deals with money and close quarters are at great risk for disease. All employment places should take the time to clean their stores and make sure the possibility for the disease is as low as possible. It’s also important for people to be lenient during this time and allow teens to stay at home if they feel ill.

If this pandemic is not properly prepared for, then WA students will be very susceptible to it. Administration is trying to prevent the spread of disease by disinfecting the school, but students also need to pay attention to their job surroundings. Since the Coronavirus spreads so fast, students shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks and while working, be aware of the people and places around them.

The Town of Westford has already made great strides to constantly clean its schools and buses, but aside from that, we need to make sure kids aren’t at risk outside of school. Employment places should consider shortening job hours during this time to prevent diseases as well as take precautions when it comes to cleaning surfaces that may carry lots of germs on them. By doing this, WA students with part-time jobs can be at lower risk for disease and safer in the community.