Dear Delinquents: Knock it off


Westford Public Schools

Stone sign located outside of Westford Academy

John Vassiliou, Online Managing Editor

I normally don’t really give many opinions about the goings-on at school, but every now and then, something so incredibly stupid comes along that makes me facepalm into my keyboard. WA had to remove the doors to the boys’ bathrooms because of some of the things that were going on inside of them.

It isn’t the fact that the doors were removed that annoyed me, it was the reasoning behind it. Apparently, some kids have been graffitiing the stalls, ripping the dispensers off the walls, and splattering food all around the ceiling. To make things worse, these are the least disturbing things I’ve heard going on in there.

Why? Who thinks that going into the bathroom and being an idiot is something everyone is gonna get a kick out of? Look, I get how this could happen, you’re probably strolling in with a group of your buddies, and you want to do something for shock humor. What’s the pinnacle of shock humor in school? Vandalizing the bathroom, and forcing other people to deal with your miniature disasters.

I want you to just for a minute think about all of the problems you’ve caused. Your antics have forced the school to waste time dealing with your mess, and essentially punished the rest of the guys at school. The custodial staff has to clean up what you’ve left in your wake, and you’ve pretty much tarnished the school year with these hijinks.

I don’t know for sure what you’re thinking, or what you’re trying to get out of all this. I don’t know if you’re trying to show off to your friends, or you’re trying to just get attention in any way you can. But let me just tell you, for yourself, you’re doing more harm than good.

No one thinks it’s cool that you’re destroying public property. No one is going to look favorably upon you for acting out for attention. And no one is going to hold your hand when it comes to growing up. Shape up, and just get yourself on track. I’m not asking you to admit to what you’ve done, or go out in the halls shouting your guilt. I’m just asking that you sit yourself down and think.

In the grand scheme of things, do you want to be immortalized as that kid in high school who did a bunch of stupid things in the bathroom? Is that a story that you’ll want to tell your kids about? Or do you want to mature, start working towards things that matter, and do something healthy? The choice is yours, just don’t go wasting it on a school bathroom.